"The Soft Side of Software," a column by Kate Matsudaira

Leadership and team-building insights from a seasoned technologist

Kate Matsudaira discusses "The Soft Side of Software"

Kate Matsudaira is an experienced VP & CTO with a passion for large scale web systems and startups. She is a seasoned software engineer with a strong interest in product (definition, UX, and strategy). Her ACM Queue column, “The Soft Side of Software,” focuses on the intangible aspects of leadership that foster great teams with the ability to execute quickly and efficiently on business goals.

"Why I Belong" with OmniTI Founder Theo Schlossnagle

For OmniTI Founder and serial entrepreneur Theo Schlossnagle, being an ACM member is about "taking my career as a software engineer seriously... In order to be a really good software engineer, you need to not lose the bridge to the academic side."

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