Public Policy Statements

ACM Public Policy Statements

Official ACM policy statements require adoption by the ACM Council and represent the views of ACM. 

Current Policy Statements by ACM Public Policy Committees

Individual ACM public policy committees have developed, reviewed, approved, and adopted policy statements on key issues related to computing and technology. These policy statements reflect the views of the relevant ACM policy committee, as indicated. They have not been approved by the ACM Council or the ACM Executive Committee and thus should not be considered to be the views of ACM.





Historical Archives of Public Policy Statements

Archived policy statements are available for historical purposes. They do not necessarily represent current best available knowledge or reflect current technology. Browse archived policy statements

Watch a Free Public Policy Webinar

Navigating Cybersecurity and Public Policy: Six Key Issues

Speakers: Herb Lin and Jeremy Epstein
From the ACM Learning Center and ACM Public Policy Office
Recorded  June 2014