Call for Proposals From the ACM Community

ACM regularly receives and reviews proposals for new publications. The process is typically initiated by a group of community members who see the need for a new publication and propose a scope and editorial team and describe how the proposed publication fits into the existing research literature ecosystem. The New Publications Committee of the ACM Publications Board shepherds proposals through a review process toward a final decision from the full publications board.

While community-initiated proposals are most common, the New Publications Committee also identifies areas where a new publication could be beneficial and encourages community members to consider submitting a proposal.

Presently, ACM is seeking ideas for a new broad-scope research journal to address Computing and Ethics. While many publications from ACM and other publishers provide forums for submissions in this area, we believe the perennial and growing importance of this topic indicates the need for a dedicated and comprehensive publication. In particular, we recognize the essential role of interdisciplinary discourse in this complex domain of research and practice. At this time, we are welcoming expressions of interest from ACM community members to consider proposing a new journal in this area.

If you are interested in creating a proposal for a new publication on the topic of Computing and Ethics, we encourage you to do one of the following:

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