Section 2.4.2 Travel for ACM Volunteers & Headquarter Staff


Summary of Volunteer Travel Policy (Policy


A. Purpose – the purpose of this policy is to provide travel policy guidelines to ACM Volunteers

B. Policy

  1. Financial support for travel should only be requested and approved if no other source of funding is available.
  2. Travel expenses will only be reimbursed if the proper procedures (i.e. Travel Request, Authorization and Approval) are followed, except in emergency situations. Emergency travel may be authorized by the appropriate volunteer, but ACM Headquarters must be notified, in writing, of the authorization no more than five (5) working days after the travel is authorized.
  3. Funds approved and reimbursed for travel must be within budgetary limitations.
  4. ACM will NOT pay volunteer registration fees to ACM or other sponsored conferences or meetings, without prior written approval of the ACM President.
  5. Expenses will be reimbursed according to the following guidelines:
  1. Air travel should be coach, except for international trips if the flying time (including stops) is six hours or longer, in which case business class may be utilized if the travel authorization has been approved with business class specified and there are budgeted funds to cover it .
  2. Travel and subsistence should be at the lowest overall cost to ACM.
  3. If you need to stay an extra night to obtain a better airfare, and the total subsistence is less than the difference of the flight cost, do so, as long as it doesn't interfere with personal requirements.
  4. If you stay extra time for personal reasons, and the resulting airfare is lower, hotel and meal costs should not be charged to ACM.
  5. If you are combining an ACM trip with regular business, airfare and subsistence should be paid on a pro-rata basis.
  6. Use of your personal automobile is permitted where this is reasonable and convenient. Mileage will be reimbursed at the IRS allowable rate along with reasonable amounts for parking and tolls. Gasoline, oil, insurance, depreciation, etc., are included in this allowance.
  7. Transportation from airports and train stations should be by the lowest commercial carrier available except when it is more appropriate to take a taxi, as in the case of time constraints or number of people traveling.
  8. Reimbursement for meals are based on a maximum daily rate and are determined by geographical areas. The maximum subsistence is $60 Per day in the United States and $75 per day outside the United States. Meal reimbursements will be for actual expenses up to these amounts, and would not apply if one is attending an ACM meeting or function where a meal is provided.
  9. Reasonable laundry and cleaning expenses will be reimbursed for travel over three (3) days.
  10. Gratuities for emergency situations at conventions (last minute resets, moving of materials, etc.) are permitted only by a senior staff member or other headquarters personnel authorized by the COO.
  11. Original receipts are required for any airline and/or rail transportation, hotel, laundry and cleaning expenses.

C. Procedures

You should submit your ACM Volunteer Request, Authorization and Approval form to the designated approval authority prior to your travel. Part B of this form must be completed by the designated approval authority and a determination should be made if an advance is required. The completed form should be sent to whoever will be providing payment. Expenses must be submitted within 10 days of travel, and can be submitted on any commercially printed expense report, along with the appropriate original receipts. Failure to submit an expense report on a timely basis where an advance was given will result in the volunteer not receiving a second advance until the first one is accounted for. In addition, the amount of the advance will be reported to the US Internal Revenue Service as income in compliance with IRS and international tax regulations.

D. Special Policy and Procedure for Conferences

This special policy applies to all ACM and SIG Conference Chairs and members of their committees:

  1. Request for travel and/or subsistence will only be approved if funding is not available from other than ACM sources.
  2. These policies apply only when travel has been budgeted in the approved conference budget.
  3. Travel Approvals for Conference Chair - Travel and subsistence support of the Conference Chair can only be approved by the following authorities:
  • for SIG Conferences - Chair of the SIG
  • for Regional Conferences - Chair of the SIG
  • for Local Conferences - Chair(s) of all ACM sponsoring units
  • for Conference Committee members - Conference Chair

No volunteer, other than the President, may approve his/her own travel request. For jointly sponsored conferences, please refer to the joint sponsorship agreement for expense reimbursement rocedures.

  1. Forms to be used - the ACM Travel Volunteer Travel Request, Authorization and Approval Form will be utilized. Part C is not applicable unless payment is to be effected at ACM Headquarters.
  2. Submission Process for Travel Request - Parts A & B of the Travel Request Form must be completed PRIOR to travel and forwarded to the Conference Treasurer (if he/she is responsible for payment). If ACM is responsible for payment the form should be sent to the ACM Financial Services Department for processing. The Conference Chair should inform his/her committee who will be processing payments.
  3. Submission Process for Expense Reports - Any commercial type printed expense report can be used to submit actual expenses and receipts. Original receipts for airline and/or rail tickets, car rental, hotel, laundry/valet service, etc. must be attached to the report. Expense reports should be submitted to the same individual/party who received the approved travel request form.
  4. ACM Volunteer Policies - All ACM Volunteer Travel Policies, summarized on the previous pages, (sections A-C), that do not conflict with this Section D, also apply to conference committee expenses.

All authorizations and requests for reimbursements should be sent to:
Office of Financial Services (Attn. TRAVEL)
2 Penn Plaza - Suite 701
New York, NY 10121-0701 USA