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  • USACM Council

    The U.S. Public Policy Council of ACM (USACM) is the focal point for ACM's interaction with U.S. government organizations, the computing community, and the U.S. public in all matters of U.S. public policy related to information technology. Each member of USACM is part of at least one of its seven committees: Privacy, Security, Intellectual Property, Law, Accessibility, Digital Governance, and Voting.

      Stuart Shapiro  
  • Publications Board

    The Publications Board is responsible for the production and management of all ACM publications. Officially, the Board has authority over SIG conference proceedings and SIG newsletters, but these functions are delegated to volunteer conference committees and newsletter editors. ACM journals, with volunteer Editors-in-Chief and Editorial Boards, publish research papers, articles, and reviews written by volunteer experts. The production functions -- editing, proofreading, composition, artwork, advertising and printing -- are managed by Publications Department staff at Headquarters. The ACM Digital Library is an online searchable database with full-text articles from all ACM publications and bibliographic data from major publishers in computing.

      Jack Davidson  
      Joseph  A  Konstan  
      Phoebe Ayers  
      Ronald  Boisvert  
      Karin  K  Breitman  
      Terry  J  Coatta  
      Anne  Condon  
      Roch  Guerin  
      Chris  L.  Hankin  
      Yannis  E  Ioannidis  
      Michael  Nelson  
      Eugene  H  Spafford  
      Stephen  N  Spencer  
      Alex  Wade
      Keith  Webster
      Julie  R  Williamson  
    ACM HQ Liaison
      Scott Delman