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Computer Information Systems Task Force FY 2002 Annual Report


Of the CIS Task Force of the Education Board

For the Period

July 1, 2001 – June 30, 2002

John T. Gorgone and Gordon Davis


Members of the CIS Task Force:

John T. Gorgone, Bentley College, co-chair

Gordon Davis, University of Minnesota, co-chair

Heikki Topi, Bentley College

Joseph S. Valacich, Washington State University

            Other members are drafted on an ad-hoc basis

2.              PURPOSE

Curriculum development and related matter in information systems

3.              Task Force Meeting dates

In order to reduce travel expenses, Task Force members arrange meetings at professional conferences.  We meet at other times when necessary.  Beyond physical meetings, committee members exchange ideas and information via e-mail, phone, and fax.  We are working on IS 2002 for the CC 2001 project.  We met at the University of Minnesota (May), AMCIS 2001-Boston (August), and ISECON-Cincinnati (November), ICIS 2001-New Orleans (December) of 2001 and at Bentley College (February) of 2002.  The next meeting is scheduled for August 2002 at AMCIS 2002 in Dallas, Texas.

4.              PROJECT SUMMARIES and STATUS

   a.      IS 2002:  Teaming with the Association for Information Systems (AIS) and Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP), the CIS Task Force is creating IS 2002 by updating IS ‘97, the model curriculum and guidelines for undergraduates for inclusion in the CC  2001 report.  The main sections of draft report are completed.   A few time consuming details remain (Forward, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, copyright forms, contacting endorsing organizations, etc.) before the report can be submitted to ACM, AIS and AITP.  We submitted a one-page description of the information systems field to CC 2002 overview committee.

   b.      MSIS 2000 (Graduate IS curriculum model):  With minor updates, a MSIS 2002 report can be completed for inclusion in the CC2001 project.  A meeting with AIS to form a joint task force will take place in August 2002.

   c.       IS ACCREDITATION:  With NSF support, ACM has successfully teamed with AIS, IEEE-CS, CSAB, and industry representatives to develop a set of criteria for accrediting Information Systems programs.  The information systems accreditation criteria was approved by the ABET board and is posted at   Information Systems Program Evaluators have been train and the first IS Accreditation cycle has been completed during 2001-2002.   Presented a status report to the MIS (Management Information Systems) department chairs at their annual breakfast meeting in December 2001 at the International Conference for Information Systems.


   a.       IS 2002:  Submit the final report in 2002.

   b.      MSIS 2000:  Provide a minor update of MSIS 2002 in 2002-2003 for inclusion in CC2001 project.


       (1)   Continue to Identify programs interested in IS accreditation.

       (2)   Continue to encourage mainstream IS faculty to become program evaluators.

   d.      There are on going discussions with AIS to complete an MBA/IS Concentration/Major. Select and appoint an ACM/AIS joint membership committee.  The committee will develop a four-course IS concentration for MBA programs, including the first overview IS course required of all MBA programs.

   e.      There are on going discussions with both AIS and AITP regarding a joint international IS curriculum project.  Begin Joint ACM, AIS, AITP Global IS curriculum Task Force.

   f.        There are on going discussions with both AIS and AITP regarding a joint IS major revision of the undergraduate curriculum as IS 2002 reflects only a 20% update of IS 1997.

6.  Meetings and Presentations

University of Minnesota, May 2001

AIS Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), Boston, August 2001

The first feedback presentation of IS 2002 was made at AITP Information Systems Education Conference (ISECON), Cincinnati, November 2001.

The second feedback presentation is planned at a joint session of IAIM International Conference on Informatics Education Research and AIS International Conference on Information Systems, New Orleans, and December 16, 2001.

Bentley College, February 2002.  The CIS Task Force met to complete the draft IS 2002 report.  From March to June 30, 2002 the Task Force members continued to improve the draft report via email.

A session on “Preparing for Information Systems Accreditation” was presented at SIGCSE 2002-Cincinnati in February 2002

August 2002 the final draft of IS 2002 is being presented at the AIS conference, AMCIS 2002.