Celebrating 50 Years of the ACM Turing Award

During the next several months, ACM will celebrate 50 years of the Turing Award and the visionaries who have received it. Our aim is to highlight the significant impact of the contributions of the Turing Laureates on computing and society, to look ahead to the future of technology and innovation, and to help inspire the next generation of computer scientists to invent and dream.

China Honors Turing Award Laureate John Hopcroft

ACM A.M. Turing Award laureate John Hopcroft has received China’s highest honor, the Friendship Award, which is given each year to 50 foreign experts for outstanding contributions to China’s economic and social progress. Hopcroft, the IBM Professor of Engineering and Applied Mathematics in Computer Science, has lectured frequently in China and helped several Chinese universities upgrade their advanced teaching programs.

Image of Turing Award Laureate John Hopcroft receiving the China Friendship Award

Meet Cynthia Liem

Cynthia Liem is an Assistant Professor in the Multimedia Computing Group at the Delft University of Technology. Trained as a concert pianist, her research focuses on music and multimedia information retrieval. Liem participated in the Rising Stars Symposium at the ACM Multimedia 2016 conference. “Music and multimedia are everywhere around us. Multimedia has the potential to engage us in impactful, immersive ways.”

Image of Cynthia Liem

In Memoriam: Calvin C. ("Kelly") Gotlieb

Calvin C. ("Kelly") Gotlieb passed away on October 16 at age 95. Widely regarded as the "father of computing in Canada," Gotlieb was the inaugural director of the University of Toronto's Department of Computer Science when it was founded in 1954. He served as the Co-chair of ACM's awards committee for more than 20 years, and received its Outstanding Contribution award "for his dedication, total commitment, and never-failing enthusiasm in maintaining the technical excellence and integrity of the ACM awards program."

Image of Calvin C.

Vicki Hanson on How Women Are Reshaping Computing

In her blog post for Computer Weekly's WITsend blog, ACM President Vicki Hanson discusses ACM's all-female leadership team, how diversity is helping to redefine what a computing professional is, and how the digital world is expanding career opportunities for non-technical people. "While most will not become expert, basic skills will be required for them to be effective in their careers and to deal with the myriad of online offerings for communication, entertainment, retail, and government services," she says.

Computer Weekly blog by Vicki Hanson

GHC 2016, October 19 to 21, Houston, Texas

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, presented by the Anita Borg Institute and ACM, is the world's largest gathering of women technologists, with mentoring, professional development workshops, a career fair, and much more. Scheduled keynote speakers are IBM President and CEO Ginni Rometty; Harvard University professor Latanya Sweeney; Salesforce Chairman and CEO Marc Benioff; and US Chief Technology Officer Megan Smith.

Meet P.R. Kumar

P.R. Kumar is a University Distinguished Professor and the College of Engineering Chair in Computer Engineering at Texas A&M University. His recent research interests focus on energy systems, wireless networks, automated transportation, cyber-physical systems, and security of networks and systems. An ACM Fellow, he is a recipient of the ACM SIGMOBILE Test-of-Time Award. "We may be on the threshold of an exciting wireless era."

Image of P.R. Kumar

Mehran Sahami on Providing CS Education for All

Stanford University's Mehran Sahami maintains that exposing students to computing early in their education is essential to their understanding of not just "programming" but of the world at large: "Learning CS helps students develop systemic thinking skills for problem solving, practice logical deduction, and learn to express themselves with greater precision and clarity."

Huff Post blog by Mehran Sahami

Nominations Open for New Excellence in CS Teaching Awards

ACM, the Computer Science Teachers Association, and Infosys Foundation USA announce the Awards for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science. Up to 10 awards of $10,000 each will be given annually to recognize today's best teachers from around the world. Applications for nominations for the awards are now available. The deadline is November 1.

A Brief Chronology of Medical Device Security

As modern medical devices evolve, so do the threats to their security and reliability. While the necessity to defend against these threats is real, hyperbole and/or mischaracterizations around them may lead to panic, desensitization, or perhaps worse, exploitation. In this video, M. Eric Johnson discusses "A Brief Chronology of Medical Device Security,” a Review Article in the October 2016 Communications of the ACM.

Research for Practice: Real-world Applications of Cutting-edge Theory

“Research for Practice,” a regular feature in acmqueue, bridges the gap between theory and practice by applying learnings from recent cutting-edge research to the challenges practitioners face on a daily basis. In the latest issue, Camille Fournier presents three papers on distributed consensus systems on implementing Paxos and the easier-to-understand Raft. Joy Arulraj and Andrew Pavlo present three papers on the future impact of nonvolatile memory on DBMS architectures. Together, these papers illuminate how lessons from critical areas in storage and largescale services can be applied to building better software.

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