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ACM’s print and on-line magazines include its flagship Communications of the ACM (CACM), which features trusted insights for computing's leading professionals.  CACM provides in-depth coverage of emerging research in computer science, new trends in information technology, and practical applications for the computing community through its news, blogs, viewpoints, and research highlights. 

The roster of ACM magazines also includes a publication by and for students as well as magazines that help readers make sense of developments in computer science education, human-computer interaction, online and workplace learning, online entertainment technologies, and future trends in the rapidly expanding computing field.

ACM's eight magazines deliver articles, news and opinions from thought leaders throughout computing and information technology. From ACM’s flagship magazine, Communications of the ACM to ACM’s magazine written and edited by and for students, XRDS: Crossroads, readers receive compelling features that keep them coming back month after month.

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Lessons Learned from 30 Years of MINX

MINX, the grandfather of LINUX, is quite spry for its age. Andrew S. Tanenbaum, the author of the MINX operating system,  discusses "Lessons Learned from 30 Years of MINIX," his Contributed Article in the March 2016 CACM.