ACM’s educational activities, conducted primarily through our Education Board and Council, range from the K-12 space (CSTA) and two-year programs to undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral-level education, and professional development for computing practitioners at every stage of their career...

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ACM Hails New "Every Student Succeeds" Law

The Every Student Succeeds Act is an important and historic step forward for K-12 education in the United States. The new law recognizes that computer science is a fundamental academic subject, along with reading and writing, vital to a “well-rounded” education in the 21st century.

President Barack Obama signs S. 1177, Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), during a bill a signing ceremony in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building South Court Auditorium, Dec. 10, 2015. (photo credit: Evan Vucci/AP)

Lifelong Learning

ACM offers lifelong learning resources including online books from Safari, online courses from Skillsoft, webinars on the hottest topics in computing and IT, and more.


Measuring Software Productivity Webinar with Steve McConnell

View on-demand the ACM Learning Webinar, "Measuring Software Productivity," by Steve McConnell, CEO and Chief Software Engineer of Construx Software. McConnell summarizes the results of more than 20 years of research, discussion, and application in this critical-yet-obstacle-filled area.


Computational Thinking Webinar with Grady Booch

View on-demand the ACM Learning Webinar, "Computational Thinking," by Grady Booch, ACM Fellow and Chief Scientist for Software Engineering at IBM Research. Booch will discuss the importance of computational thinking for the masses, and how computing professionals have a responsibility to shape the conversation.


A New Framework to Define K-12 Computer Science Education

ACM, the Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA) and are joining forces with more than 100 advisors within the computing community to develop a framework that will identify key K-12 computer science concepts and practices educators should expect students exiting grades 2, 5, 8, and 12 to know. Read more in the CACM blog by ACM Education Board Chair Mehran Sahami.


Get Involved with ACM

ACM is a volunteer-led and member-driven organization. Everything ACM accomplishes is through the efforts of people like you. A wide range of activities keep ACM moving, including organizing conferences, editing journals, reviewing papers and participating on boards and committees, to name just a few. Find out all the ways that you can volunteer with ACM.


The ACM NDC Study Is Now Open

The 2015-16 ACM NDC Study of non-Ph.D. granting 4-year institutions is now open. Now in its 4th year, NDC reaches more than 1,000 U.S. academic units and produces timely data on enrollment, degree production, student body composition, and faculty salaries/demographics that can impact your institution/program(s) and its administration. If your unit has a program in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, Information Technology, and/or Software Engineering but has not received an invitation to participate, email

Curricula Recommendations

ACM works with leading professional and scientific computing societies to develop curriculum recommendations for the rapidly changing landscape of computer technology. As the computing field continues to evolve, and new computing-related disciplines emerge, existing curriculum reports are updated, and additional reports for new computing disciplines drafted.

C2013 Curriculum Guidelines now available in Chinese (Mandarin).

SE2014: Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Software Engineering, which should be endorsed by ACM Council later this summer. A draft is available for comments but awaiting endorsement.

Information Technology Competency Model of Core Learning Outcomes and Assessment for Associate-Degree Curriculum October 14, 2014: The Association for Computing Machinery Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges (ACM CCECC)

New Skillsoft Videos

Did you know that ACM members have access to thousands of IT and productivity videos from Skillsoft? Covering a variety of today's hottest topics, these videos offer "on-the-job" support and solutions for busy practitioners.

Recently, Skillsoft added significant video content in the following knowledge areas: Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015, Android for .NET Developers, CLDFND, Creating Web Applications with Sinatra, Defensive Programming in Java, F# Fundamentals, Generic Design and Modeling Databases, Hadoop Operations, Juniper Networks Junos Essentials, Microsoft SQL Server 2016 First Look, NopCommerce, Oracle Database 12c, and Ruby on Rails 4.2.

New eBooks from Morgan Kaufmann and Syngress

Recently, new titles have been added to the Morgan Kaufmann and Syngress Books collection, with coverage spanning Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Computer Human Interaction, Computing for Engineering, Computer Organization and Architecture, Data Management, Development Tools and Programming, Embedded Systems and Computer Engineering, Information Technology Networking, Professional and Career Development, Security, and Software. In total, 180 new Morgan Kaufman and Syngress titles have been added to the Learning Center catalog in 2015.