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College Committee FY 2002 Annual Report

Report of the College Committee of the ACM Education Board


Submitted by Russell Shackelford
Chair of the College Committee

In FY2002, College Committee activity was focused in three areas:

1.      Completion of the Computer Science 2001 volume of the Computing Curricula Report, which was released on December 15, 2001.  For particulars, see Section B-1 of the Education Board’s FY2002 annual report, heading Curriculum Recommendations, subheading Computing Curriculum 2001.

2.      Established a working group of representatives from established curriculum groups who are working on Computing Curricula volumes for other computing disciplines.  The groups represented include Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, and Information Systems, as well as those involved in creating Two Year College curriculum guidelines.  This cross-disciplinary working group will negotiate and create the umbrella Overview Volume called for by the Computing Curricula Report.  This volume will provide a synthesis of the various discipline-specific volumes as they become available this calendar year and next.  Among its features will be the identification of points of commonality and difference among various discipline-specific curricula.  Its intended effect is to foster ongoing communication, negotiation, cooperation, and synthesis among the curricula efforts of the various computing-related disciplines, as appropriate to the needs of both 2-year and 4-year institutions.

3.      Established a relationship with the nascent Information Technology (IT) group to help them work towards their two primary goals: (a) creating a professional organization for IT educators, and (b) creating an IT undergraduate curriculum report.

    a.      ACM affiliation: Three members of the Education Board attended the IT conference (Savannah, April’02) where we were successful in encouraging their decision to select ACM over other professional organizations as their affiliation target.  We have since helped facilitate what appear to be effective solutions to problems that emerged in the process of creating and funding their new SIG.

    b.      Creation of an IT curriculum report: We have been providing counsel and guidance re: the development of their initial IT curriculum report.  Our goals are (1) to facilitate the creation of a curriculum report appropriate for inclusion in the Computing Curricula Report as the Information Technology 2003 volume, and (2) to include the IT leadership people in the working group (described above) that will negotiate and create the Overview Volume of the Computing Curricula Report.

We expect items 2 and 3b, above, to be continuing focus areas for the College Committee.