ACM SIG Governing Board

The SIG Governing Board (SGB), a volunteer body, has overall responsibility for the Association's 36 Special Interest Groups (SIGs).

The SGB Exective Committee (SGB-EC) is elected by the SGB members and has a monthly conference call.

SGB and SGB-EC Minutes

Computer Science Portal Proposal

SIG Board Annual Reports

SIG Project Fund

Small SIG Project Fund

Federated Computing Research Conference (FCRC)


  • SGB Executive Committee

    The SGB Executive Committee (SGB-EC) is elected by the SIG Governing Board (SGB) members. Except for actions specified in the Bylaws or SGB policies that explicitly require SGB approval, the SGB EC has full authority to act on behalf of the SGB between its meetings. The SGB EC is bound by the SGB's actions and the SGB may override any decision of the SGB EC.

    • Jeanna Neefe Matthews - SIG Governing Board Chair
    • Suman Banerjee - SBG Conference Advisor
    • Sarita Adve - New SIG Advisor
    • Insup Lee - SIG Awards Advisor
    • Paul Beame - SGB Council Representative
    • Loren Terveen - SGB Council Representative
    • Donna Cappo - ACM Headquarters SIG Liaison
  • SIG Governing Board

    ACM's Special Interest Groups offer more than 30 distinct, independently governed communities dedicated to defined computing sub-disciplines in every major area of the field. The SIG Governing Board (SGB), under the SGB Executive Committee, establishes financial and other policies which relate to all SIGs.

    • Shari Trewin - SIGACCESS Chair
    • Michael Mitzenmacher - SIGACT Chair
    • John A Hamilton - SIGAda Chair
    • Sven Koenig - SIGAI Chair
    • Jiman Hong - SIGAPP Chair
    • Sarita Adve - SIGARCH Chair
    • Insup Lee - SIGBED Chair
    • Srinivas Aluru - SIGBio Chair
    • Karla Carter - SIGCAS Chair
    • Loren Terveen - SIGCHI President
    • Roch Guerin - SIGCOMM Chair
    • Amber Settle - SIGCSE Chair
    • Vijaykrishnan Narayanan - SIGDA Chair
    • Claire Lauer - SIGDOC Chair
    • Kevin Leyton-Brown - SIGecom Chair
    • Marc Schoenauer - SIGEVO Chair
    • Jeff Jortner - SIGGRAPH President
    • Jeff Hollingsworth - SIGHPC Chair
    • Diane Kelly - SIGIR Chair
    • Stephen Zilora - SIGITE Chair
    • Jian Pei - SIGKDD Chair
    • Prakash Panangaden - SIGLOG Chair
    • Vishal Misra - SIGMETRICS Chair
    • Michael Gschwind - SIGMICRO Chair
    • Fred Niederman - SIGMIS Chair
    • Alan F Smeaton - SIGMM Chair
    • Marco Oliver Gruteser - SIGMOBILE Chair
    • Juliana Freire - SIGMOD Chair
    • Robbert Van Renesse - SIGOPS Chair
    • Michael William Hicks - SIGPLAN Chair
    • Ninghui Li - SIGSAC Chair
    • Christopher W Brown - SIGSAM Chair
    • Margaret Loper - SIGSIM Chair
    • Nenad Medvidovic - SIGSOFT Chair
    • Cyrus Shahabi - SIGSPATIAL Chair
    • Laurie J Fox - SIGUCCS Chair
    • Dick Bulterman - SIGWEB Chair

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