ACM Student Chapter Excellence Awards

About the Awards

The ACM Student Chapter Excellence Awards Program recognizes chapters that display considerable initiative during the academic year. All student chapters in good standing are encouraged to apply for this award in five key areas. Winning chapters in each of these five areas receive $500 and a "best of" icon to proudly display on their chapter's Web page. These chapters are featured on the ACM Web site and in ACM  MemberNet.

Apply for an Award

To be considered for one or more of these awards, ACM student chapters must submit an application in Word or Plain Text format (please, no PDFs), to by April 20, 2017.  In the subject line please state your chapter name and the categories for which you would like your chapter to be considered. Please submit separate applications for every category. Also, please be sure your submissions are in Word documents.

Applications must include the following information:

  • Name and address of chapter
  • Names and email addresses of chapter officers and faculty sponsor
  • A brief description of your chapter and school including number of chapter members
  • Number of students at your school who take computer science and related courses, and typical majors of your chapter members.
  • URL for your chapter home page (if you have one)
  • An essay of no more than 500 words for each of the categories for which your chapter would like to be considered. You may submit an essay for more than one category. Guidelines for these essays appear below. Please be sure to abide by the 500 word maximum for the essay portion. If your essay is longer, only the first 500 words will be submitted to the judges. 


Essay Guidelines

Outstanding Chapter Activities

For ACM student chapters that sponsor a series of exceptional activities throughout the year or have focused their efforts on a single major activity. Tell us about your chapter's most successful activities. Be sure to describe each activity, including how many people participated, how it was funded, and what made it a success. If you have Web pages for these activities, include the URLs.

Outstanding Chapter Website

For ACM student chapters that maintain an outstanding chapter Web site. Tell us about the design and content of your Web site and any noteworthy features. Also tell us how you created it and what you do to keep it up to date. And don't forget to provide the URL so the judges can check it out.

Outstanding Recruitment Program

For ACM student chapters that have done an excellent job of recruiting student ACM members. Tell us about your recruiting program. How do you let students at your school know about ACM and how do you get them interested in joining? What factors are most critical to your success? How many members does your chapter have and how many of them have joined the Association?

Outstanding Community Service

For ACM student chapters that have made significant contributions to their communities through one major service project or a series of smaller projects. Tell us about each project, who it served, and how many people participated. Why was your chapter interested in these particular projects? If you have Web pages for these projects, include the URLs.

Outstanding School Service

For ACM student chapters that have made significant contributions to their own schools through one major service project or a series of smaller projects. Tell us about projects that help your fellow students, your department, or your school in general. Tell us about each project, how many people participated, and how it helped your school. If you have Web pages for these projects, include the URLs. (Note, if you have worked on projects to help other schools, for example neighboring high schools, apply for the Community Service award rather than the School Service award.)

ACM is proud to announce the 2015-2016 Student Chapter Excellence Award Winners

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Past Winners

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