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      Elizabeth Hawthorne  
    Past Chair
      Chris Stephenson  
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    ACM India Representative
      Abhiram Ranade  
      Megan Bowen
      Thomas Cortina  
      Leigh Ann Delyser  
      Judith Gal-Ezer  
      Christina Gardner-Mccune  
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      Stuart Zweben  
    Chair, Committee for Computing Education in Community Colleges
      Markus Geissler
    Headquarters Liaison
      Yan Timanovsky  
      Alison Clear  
      Robert Schnabel  
    SIGCAS Representative
      Alison Clear  
    SIGCHI Representative
      Olivier St-Cyr  
    SIGGRAPH Representative
      Susan Reiser  
    SIGHPC Representative
      Steven Gordon  
    SIGPLAN Representative
      Matthias Hauswirth  

Learning Resource: Implement Name Resolution

In this Challenge Lab, you will implement domain name resolution. First, you will manipulate name resolution by using a hosts file. Next, you will use nslookup to confirm local DNS resolutions. Finally, you will configure DNS by creating forward and reverse lookup zones and defining A (address) and PTR (pointer) records.

Featured Learning Resource: Implement Name Resolution