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Section 4.1.2 Local Publicity/Press Relations Chair

Conference Manual Section No. 4.1.2 ACM Conference Committee Job Description

Conference Manual

Section No. 4.1.2

ACM Conference Committee Job Description

Position: Local Publicity/Press Relations Chair

Principle Contact:
Promotions Chair

Duration of Appointment:
12 - 14 months

Purpose: Appointed by the Promotions Chair for coordination of local promotion for the conference and to serve as a focal point for communication with the press.

Major Activities:

  1. Direct correspondence and promotions to local newspapers, radio, television and related industry trade journals, chapters, local SIGs, sister societies active in region, etc.
  2. Make arrangements for press attendance at the conference
  3. If appropriate set up a press area on-site and arrange for press badges.
  4. If appropriate contract a professional photographer to cover the conference.
  5. Work with Promotions Chair to prepare posters or one page promotional material for local universities, libraries and other sites carrying local interest boards.
  6. Seek suggestions and ideas from Conference Committee for promoting the conference locally and discussing progress.
  7. Submit conference summary of highlights to ACM and to SIG Newsletter editors.


  • Support should be available for modest clerical needs, telephone expenses, occasional correspondence, etc.. ACM and its subunits rely on this "In-kind" support in order to keep conference fees in line with sister society fees.
  • Knowledge of local area resources and technical activities.
  • Previous experience and/or knowledge with press contacts and publicity.