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Section 5.3 Budget Considerations

Conference Manual Section No. 5.3 BUDGET CONSIDERATIONS

Conference Manual

Section No. 5.3


Initially the Technical Meeting Request Form (TMRF) serves as a guideline and may need revision as estimated costs become real. The TMRF gives you the framework needed to develop your budget for expenses associated with the logistics of your meeting. Remember to include such factors as

  • Taxes
  • Tips and Gratuities
  • Labor Costs
  • Ground Transportation

Room and meal tax will vary from place to place. Tax and gratuities for meals can add more than 25% to your food bill. Union regulations can have an effect on labor costs. Never hesitate to ask what something will cost. Also, if you are meeting in a state that recognizes ACM's tax-exempt status, be sure to check with your ACM SIG Staff Liaison to see if the state or province your meeting is in will recognize this exemption. You will need to supply the hotel with a copy of ACM's tax exemption certificate. A copy of the appropriate certificate, as well as instructions is available from your ACM SIG Staff Liaison.