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Section 6.1.1 Program Chair

Conference Manual Section No. 6.1.1 ACM Conference Committee Job Description

Conference Manual

Section No. 6.1.1

ACM Conference Committee Job Description

Position: Program Chair

Principle Contact: Conference Chair

Duration of Appointment: 14-16 months

Purpose: To oversee the activities of all Program Committee members, in putting together a technical program which supports the objectives of the conference, and production of the conference proceedings.

Major Activities:

  1. Recruit and appoint Program Committee members. With assistance from the conference chair, develop a list of potential (PC) members. For a balanced committee, consider topics covered, seniority in the field, university/industry affiliations, geography, and gender.
  2. Prepare deadlines for all program related activities including submission, review, acceptance and final paper due dates. Work with ACM on final paper due date and then work backwards to determine the others.
  3. Contact the previous years program chair and verify general policies of acceptance and page limits. Discuss the Conference Chair to be sure there is general agreement on these practices.
  4. Assign responsibilities to Program Committee members and review timelines and budgets for these activities.
  5. Develop a theme and tracks for the Program and work with the Promotions Chair on the "Call for Papers/Participation".
  6. Provide promotional material for program content to Promotions Chair in the timeframe as outlined by the Promotions Chair.
  7. By working with ACM, select a date and location for the program committee meeting.
  8. Solicit reviewers, and manage the paper solicitation review/selection process.
  9. Develop the structure of the final program within the framework of the entire conference as outlined by the conference Chair or existing conference guidelines.
  10. Manage all speaker communication, including notification of acceptance, invitations to invited speakers, hotel and registration information, promotional information, biographical information, session times and locations, and any other information the speaker may require.
  11. Manage the arrangements for Session/Chairs and provide them with the information they may require, such as speaker names and telephone numbers, introductory information concerning speakers, registration and housing forms, session times and locations.
  12. Oversee production of proceedings and other technical by-products including collection of copyright and permission to use forms as appropriate.