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Section 6.3.3 Policy on Prior Publication

Conference Manual Section No. 6.3.3 ACM POLICY ON PRIOR PUBLICATION

Conference Manual

Section No. 6.3.3


Prepared by

Peter J. Denning

Chairman. Editorial Committee

(Approved by the ACM Publications Board on September 28, 1987.)

The technical contributions appearing in ACM journals are normally original papers of lasting value that have not been published elsewhere. Conference proceedings and newsletters are a form of publication. Like the serial journals they are often widely disseminated and are available to the entire membership of ACM but unlike the journals they are often unrefereed and are not saved in library archives.

Republication of a paper, possibly revised, that has been disseminated via a proceedings or newsletter is permitted if the editor of the journal to which it has been submitted judges that there is significant additional benefit to be gained from republication.

The original source will be clearly identified on the first page of the republished paper. All papers accepted for a conference may be printed in full in the proceedings and journal editors will not reject such papers simply because they were widely disseminated through the conference proceedings. In case of dual submission an author must inform both editors that the manuscript is being offered simultaneously to multiple editors. The following paragraphs clarify and illustrate this policy.

  • A. As part of an agreement with a conference committee for a special section or special issue, a journal editor may consider selected papers recommended by the conference program committee. The journal editor may solicit additional reviews before deciding which of the recommended papers to accept. Accepted papers will contain a clear notice on the first page that the paper is being reprinted from the conference proceedings. If the decision to accept is known at the time the proceedings is compiled, the version of the paper in the proceedings should contain a clear notice that the paper will be republished in the journal.
  • B. Authors will sometimes submit conference papers to a journal, independently of whether the journal is considering papers for a special section. It is the author's responsibility to notify the journal editor that the paper has appeared in or has been submitted for, the conference proceedings, and the extent to which it has been revised or changed. The journal editor will follow the normal refereeing procedures and on the basis of the reviews, determine whether republication is merited under this policy. The journal editor will not reject the paper simply because it appeared may appear or will appear in the conference proceedings. Similar statements hold for papers published in SIG or Chapter newsletters.
  • C. If a conference paper accepted for republication in a journal has been revised sufficiently to warrant a change in title the first page of the journal version should contain a clear reference to the fact that the paper is based on a version appearing previously in the conference proceedings (or newsletter).