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Conferences held outside the US

Conference Manual

Section No. 3.6.1

ACM Conference Banking Guidelines

Conferences held outside the US

(a)     ACM has in place a Euro denominated account with JP Morgan Chase in the United Kingdom.  We are able to accept deposits and wire funds to and from this account.  We able to issue checks in any currency using TravelX Global Business.  In addition, we have an agreement in place with one of our registration processors (Reg-on-Line) to process registration in Euros, which are credited directly to the Euro denominated account. 

(b)     ACM has been working with TaxPort USA, Inc., to assist us with our tax responsibilities outside the U.S., including but not limited to obtaining VAT rates and exemptions, registering, appointing fiscal representatives in the host country, filing, paying, recovering VAT using the reverse VAT procedure, and de-registering when applicable. 


You may contact your program coordinator for additional details.