How to Submit a PACM Proposal

This document provides a brief description of the structure and content of a proposal submitted to PACM towards the creation of a new PACM journal Title.  A proposal is expected to (at least) provide the following information:

Proposed Name and Areas of Coverage

The name for the proposed PACM Title should be representative of the areas the new Title is expected to cover, which should in turn be reflected in the conference(s) whose proceedings will be published in the new Title.  A Title that plans to cover multiple areas should articulate a strong rationale for why the areas belong together.

Proposed Conferences and Series Vision

This section should identify the conference(s) whose proceedings are targeted for publication in a given PACM Title, and outline the model that will be used for their publication.

Conference information

A time-line identifying which conference would be included in the Title (and in what time-frame) should be provided together with information on why each conference qualifies for publication in PACM.

Conferences targeting immediate publication in a PACM Title should provide information on the conference’s reputation, the level of quality of accepted papers, and how the conference’s selection process conforms with PACM’s principles.  A description of the conference’s governance and how continuity will be ensured from year-to-year should also be provided.

For conferences that do not yet fully comply with PACM’s principles and that may eventually seek to be published in the proposed PACM Title, a description of the process envisioned for achieving these principles should be outlined.

Publication Model

The proposal should describe the intended publication model, including how papers will be selected, i.e., the editorial process that will be followed, whether yearly or rolling submission deadlines will be used, the number of issues that are expected each year, etc.

The proposal should also address how it expects to handle papers from authors unable to physically attend the conference, e.g., for financial, visa, health, or other reasons.

Contact Information and Title Editorial Board

This section should list the SIGs with which the conferences mentioned in the previous section are affiliated, and include contact information for representatives from each SIG.  It should also include details regarding the structure of the Title’s Editorial Board, including proposed Editor-in-Chief.

Title’s Editorial Board

Each PACM Title will have an Editorial Board structured according to its own proposed and approved governance system. The Title’s Editorial Board shall generally have representatives of each affiliated conference. A Title’s Editorial Board will have a chair with the title of Editor-in-Chiefwho will be identified in the proposal. A Title’s Editorial Board may have one or more Associate Editors and Senior Associate Editors, e.g., Conference Program Chairs, who will be responsible for paper selection.


To submit a proposal or for further information contact


PACM Guidelines

Before submitting your proposal, we strongly recommend that you read the PACM Guidelines. These guidelines will provide insight into the specifics of the program and what is required to participate, including the structure of the journal editorial board, submissions systems, access, and promotion.

How to Apply

If your conference deserves greater recognition, then you may want to consider applying for inclusion in the PACM journals series. The guidelines serve as a template for what to include in a PACM proposal. The proposal will initially be reviewed by the PACM Steering Committee. The Committee will work with the proposers on potential revisions and decide whether to forward a proposal on the ACM Publications Board for final approval.