2020 ACM General Election

2022 ACM General Election

On 18 April, all ACM Professional Members (in good standing as of 15 March 2022) were sent voting information via an email message from Election Services Corporation (ESC), a third party that is conducting the election. If you have not received an email and have an email address on file with ACM, please contact acmhelp@electionservicescorp.com. You are encouraged to participate in this election at https://www.acm.org/elections/acm-vote.

Announcing ACM Award Recipients

Raluca Ada Popa Receives ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award

Raluca Ada Popa, University of California, Berkeley, is the recipient of the 2021 ACM Grace Murray Hopper Award for the design of secure distributed systems. The systems protect confidentiality against attackers with full access to servers while maintaining full functionality. Popa’s research provides confidentiality guarantees where servers only need to store encrypted data, processing it without decrypting. Thus, hackers see only encrypted data. Computing on encrypted data, possible in theory, has been prohibitively inefficient inpractice. Popa addresses this by replacing generality with building systems for a broad set of applications with common traits, and developing encryption schemes tailored to these application archetypes.

2021 Grace Murray Hopper Award recipient Raluca Ada Papa

Software System Award Goes to Seven for Practical Optimizing Compiler

Xavier Leroy, Collège de France; Sandrine Blazy, University of Rennes 1, IRISA; Zaynah Dargaye, Nomadic Labs; Jacques-Henri Jourdan, CNRS, Laboratoire Méthodes Formelles; Michael Schmidt, AbsInt Angewandte Informatik; Bernhard Schommer, Saarland University and AbsInt Angewandte Informatik GmbH; and Jean-Baptiste Tristan, Boston College, receive the ACM Software System Award for the development of CompCert, the first practically useful optimizing compiler targeting multiple commercial architectures that has a complete, mechanically checked proof of its correctness.

2021 ACM Software System Award recipients Xavier Leroy, Sandrine Blazy, Zaynah Dargaye,  Jacques-Henri Jourdan, Michael Schmidt, Bernhard Schommer, and Jean-Baptiste Tristan.

Contributors to the Development of Differential Privacy Receive Kanellakis Award

Avrim Blum, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago; Irit Dinur, Weizmann Institute; Cynthia Dwork, Harvard University; Frank McSherry, Materialize Inc.; Kobbi Nissim, Georgetown University; and Adam Davison Smith, Boston University, receive the ACM Paris Kanellakis Theory and Practice Award for their fundamental contributions to the development of differential privacy. Their separate but related work formed a definition of differential privacy which captures the kind of privacy needed in statistical settings, where individual information must be protected while still allowing for discovery of common trends.

2021 ACM Paris Kanellakis Award recipients Avrim Blum, Irit Dinur, Cynthia Dwork, Frank McSherry, Kobbi Nissim, and Adam Davison Smith

ACM, AAAI Recognize Carla Gomes for Computational Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence.

Carla Gomes of Cornell University receives the ACM - AAAI Allen Newell Award for establishing and nurturing the field of computational sustainability and for foundational contributions to artificial intelligence. Gomes is a leader in AI, particularly in reasoning, optimization, and the integration of learning and reasoning. She is the driving force behind the new subfield of computational sustainability, embodying the values of multidisciplinary research and social impact. Her research advances core computer science and AI while establishing rich connections to other disciplines.

2021 ACM-AAAI Allen Newell Award recipient Carla Gomes

ACM President Honors Dame Wendy Hall with 2022 Presidential Award

ACM President Gabriele Kotsis has recognized Dame Wendy Hall for her technical contributions that have significantly influenced the development of the Semantic Web and the field of Web Science, her leadership and impact in shaping technology policy and informatics education internationally, and her committed and inspired work to strengthen ACM’s geographically diverse footprint by fostering regional councils to promote ACM activities in China, India, and Europe.

Dame Wendy Hall

ACM Names Éva Tardos 2022-2023 Athena Lecturer

ACM has named Éva Tardos of Cornell University as the 2022-2023 Athena Lecturer. Tardos is recognized for fundamental research contributions to combinatorial optimization, approximation algorithms, and algorithmic game theory, and for her dedicated mentoring and service to these communities. Tardos is one of the most influential leaders in the field of theoretical computer science and an outstanding educator, mentor, and leader in her scientific community.

2022-2023 ACM Athena Lecturer Éva Tardos

Karlstrom Educator Award Goes to Mark Allen Weiss

Mark Allen Weiss, a Professor at Florida International University, receives the Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award for advancing the art and science of computer science (CS) education through his textbooks, research, and curriculum design, which have affected thousands of instructors and students worldwide.

Photo of ACM Karl V. Karlstrom Outstanding Educator Award recipient Mark Allen Weiss

ACM Honors Erik Altman with Distinguished Service Award

Erik Altman receives the ACM Distinguished Service Award for leadership in the computer architecture communities, and for contributions to ACM organizational development. He has demonstrated excellence both as a computer architecture research scientist at IBM and as a driver of positive change within the Association for Computing Machinery and the IEEE Computer Society.

Photo of ACM Distinguished Service Award recipient >Erik Altman

ACM Honors Judy Brewer with Policy Award

Judy Brewer receives the ACM Policy Award for her leadership of the Web Accessibility Initiative and development of multiple web accessibility standards, which have been adopted globally and improved accessibility for millions worldwide. Brewer leads the development of standards and strategies for inclusive web design, providing web developers with tools necessary to bring the power and the promise of the World Wide Web to millions of people.

Photo of ACM Policy Award recipient Judy Brewer

Carla Brodley Receives 2021 ACM Frances E. Allen Award

ACM named Northeastern University’s Carla E. Brodley recipient of the inaugural ACM Frances E. Allen Award for Outstanding Mentoring. Brodley is recognized for significant personal mentorship and leadership in creating systemic programs that have increased diversity in computer science by creating mentoring opportunities for thousands at Northeastern and other universities across the US. An internationally recognized leader in the fields of machine learning, data mining, and artificial intelligence, Brodley has shown a deep commitment to mentoring and increasing diversity in computer science throughout her academic career.

2021 ACM Allen Award Receipient Carla E. Brodley

ACM Announces 2021 A.M. Turing Award Recipient

ACM has named Jack J. Dongarra recipient of the 2021 ACM A.M. Turing Award for pioneering contributions to numerical algorithms and libraries that enabled high performance computational software to keep pace with exponential hardware improvements for over four decades. Dongarra is a University Distinguished Professor of Computer Science in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the University of Tennessee. He also holds appointments with Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Manchester.

2021 ACM A.M. Turing Award recipient Jack Dongarra

Pieter Abbeel Honored with ACM Prize in Computing

ACM has named Pieter Abbeel of the University of California, Berkeley and the Co-Founder, President and Chief Scientist at Covariant the recipient of the 2021 ACM Prize in Computing for contributions to robot learning. Abbeel pioneered teaching robots to learn from human demonstrations (“apprenticeship learning”) and through their own trial and error (“reinforcement learning”), which have formed the foundation for the next generation of robotics. Abbeel’s groundbreaking research has helped shape contemporary robotics and continues to drive the future of the field.

2021 ACM Prize recipient Pieter Abbeel

HotTopic Panel on Reconsidering Law & Technology for Online Data Collection - May 19

ACM's US Technology Policy Committee (USTPC) will host the HotTopics webinar session, “Scraping By: Reconsidering Law & Technology for Online Data Collection,” on May 19, 2022 from 5:00 - 6:30pm EDT. USTPC Law Subcommittee Chair and appellate attorney Andy Grosso will moderate a panel of legal and technical experts who’ll tackle these issues and more! Registration is required but free to all.

Register for ACM’s 75th Anniversary Celebration, June 10

ACM has organized a special one-day conference to celebrate its 75th anniversary. This event will truly be a memorable day of panels featuring world-leading scholars on topics central to the future of computing. Panelists will imagine what might be next for technology and society. ACM’s 75th Anniversary Celebration will take place at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco on June 10, with a reception following the panels. The conference will be free and open to members, but registration is required. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today. Visit the event webpage where you will find registration information.

Ruth Lennon Selected as the Next ACM-W Chair

Ruth Lennon, current chair of ACM-W Europe, has been appointed the next Global Chair of ACM-W. Ruth is the director of Craobh Technology Consulting, an organization that provides personalized solutions to industry problems. She is also a lecturer with 20 years of experience in the Department of Computing at Letterkenny Institute of Technology, Ireland, and has been a member of ACM for over 20 years.

ACM-W Chair Ruth Lennon

ACM Opens First 50 Years Backfile

ACM has opened the articles published during the first 50 years of its publishing program, from 1951 through the end of 2000, These articles are now open and freely available to view and download via the ACM Digital Library. ACM’s first 50 years backfile contains more than 117,500 articles on a wide range of computing topics. In addition to articles published between 1951 and 2000, ACM has also opened related and supplemental materials including data sets, software, slides, audio recordings, and videos. Read the news release.

Meet Carla E. Brodley

Carla E. Brodley is Dean of Inclusive Computing at Northeastern University. Brodley’s research interests include applied and basic machine learning, CS education, and broadening participation in computing. She is a Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Brodley was named an ACM Fellow for applications of machine learning and for increasing participation of women in computer science. She was also recently chosen as the inaugural recipient of the ACM Frances E. Allen Award for Outstanding Mentoring.

Carla E. Brodley

Please Share Your Insights for CACM’s New Website

Communications of the ACM (CACM) is planning to build a new, modern website. To do so effectively, we need to hear from our computing community. In the coming days, we will be conducting research with individuals to help us better understand how this new site can best serve readers, members, and the greater computing community. If you receive an invitation from our research partner, Corona Insights, with a link to the questionnaire, we do hope you will take a few minutes to take the survey. Your participation is voluntary, and your answers will be confidential.

ACM Members Named AAAS Fellows

Twenty-five ACM members have been elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in recognition of their efforts on behalf of the advancement of science or its applications in service to society. Congratulations to: Ruzena Bajcsy, Eric Brewer, Claire Cardie, Susan Davidson, Rina Dechter, Paul Dourish, Kathleen Fisher, Michael J. Franklin, Juliana Freire, Simson Garfinkel, Mark Hill, Ayanna Howard, Somesh Jha, Yann LeCun, Robin Murphy, Elizabeth Mynatt, Rafail Ostrovsky, David A. Padua, David Parkes, Jignesh M. Patel, Yong Rui, Tuomas Sandholm, Michael Scott, Padhraic Smyth, and Tandy Warnow!

ACM Names 2021 Fellows

ACM has named 71 members 2021 ACM Fellows for significant contributions in areas including algorithms, computer science education, cryptography, data security and privacy, medical informatics, and mobile and networked systems, among other areas. The ACM Fellows program recognizes the top 1% of ACM Members for their outstanding accomplishments in computing and information technology and/or outstanding service to ACM and the larger computing community.

ACM Fellows Inducted Into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Six ACM Fellows have been inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Congratulations to: Luiz André Barroso, Google Inc.; Dina Katabi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Oyekunle Olukotun, Stanford University; Adi Shamir (IHM), Weizmann Institute of Science; Leslie G. Valiant, Harvard University; and George Varghese, University of California, Los Angeles.

Research Publication on Integrating Computational Thinking at the PreK-5 Level

Although research on computational thinking (CT) within K-12 has been emerging over the past few years, few studies have investigated the teaching of CT at the younger ages. The ACM and the Robin Hood Learning + Technology Fund co-funded this special research publication to examine empirically-based studies that focused on the integration of computational thinking at the elementary levels into a variety of learning disciplines including math, ELA, science, and computer science.

Image of PreK-5 Computational Thinking Special Research Publication

ACM-W's Webinar Series Celebrates Women in Computing

By highlighting successful technical women who are leading diverse careers in the technology industry, ACM-W’s webinar series, “Celebrating Technology Leaders,” aims to inform students and early-career professionals about the multitude of career options open to them. Visit https://women.acm.org/celebrating-technology-leaders/ to view on-demand.

TechBrief on Smart Cities

TechBriefs is a series of short technical bulletins by ACM’s Technology Policy Council that present scientifically-grounded perspectives on the impact of specific developments or applications of technology. Designed to complement ACM’s activities in the policy arena, the primary goal is to inform rather than advocate for specific policies. The new edition focuses on the concept of Smart Cities and how to deploy information and communication technology (ICT) to create such cities without compromising security, privacy, fairness, and sustainability

On March 3, 2022, ACM’s Executive Committee decided not to hold any conferences in Russia while the conflict in the Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis in Europe continue. This decision applies to ACM sponsored conferences and workshops as well as in-cooperation events.

ACM WiSec 2022, May 16 - 19

The ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks is the leading ACM and SIGSAC conference dedicated to all aspects of security and privacy in wireless and mobile networks and their applications, mobile software platforms, Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems, usable security and privacy, biometrics, and cryptography. Keynote speakers this year are William Enck (North Carolina State University), Srdjan Capkun (ETH Zurich), and Gabriela F. Ciocarlie (The University of Texas at San Antonio). This year’s conference will be held in-person in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

L@S 2022, June 1 - 3 (hybrid)

Learning @ Scale investigates large-scale, technology-mediated learning environments that typically have many active learners and few experts on hand to guide their progress or respond to individual needs. Workshops will address Educational Nonlinear Stories with Twine, Learnersourcing: Student-generated Content @ Scale, and the Third Annual Workshop on A/B Testing, Platform-Enabled Learning Research, and more. President Martha Pollack will keynote. This will be a hybrid event, and will be held at Cornell Tech, Roosevelt Island campus adjacent to New York City.

ACM SIGMIS Computers and People Research Conference 2022, June 2 - 4

The ACM Special Interest Group (SIG) on Management Information Systems (MIS) promotes best-practice and research in the management of information systems and technologies in management commerce. This year's program includes discussions on IT workers returning to their former employers, the influence of workplace social support on IT professionals’ turnover, diversity in management, and more. The conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Artificial Intelligence for Synthetic Biology

The field of biology has dramatically changed in the last two decades, enabling the effective engineering of biological systems. Here, Mohammed Eslami, et al, explore many of the groundbreaking possibilities such advancements may hold. From precisely editing DNA in vivo, to higher-level manifestations of the genetic code known as phenotype, to combining the two to link changes in the underlying code to phenotype, the research of synthetic biology continues to garner increased interest from the scientific community as well as investment from both the public and private sectors.

It Takes a Community

Of the many challenges faced by open-source developers, among the most daunting are those which other programmers scarcely ever think about such as legal matters and human resources. Because building a successful open-source community depends on many different elements such as the ability to recruit, to inspire, to mentor, to manage, and to mediate disputes, all without the use of compensation. Here, we discuss the subject with successful open-source developers including Reynold Xin, chief architect of Databricks, Alan Gates, co-founder of Hortonworks, and Wes McKinney, founder of Ursa Labs.

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ACM Updates Code of Ethics

ACM recently updated its Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The revised Code of Ethics addresses the significant advances in computing technology since the 1992 version, as well as the growing pervasiveness of computing in all aspects of society. To promote the Code throughout the computing community, ACM created a booklet, which includes the Code, case studies that illustrate how the Code can be applied to situations that arise in everyday practice and suggestions on how the Code can be used in educational settings and in companies and organizations. Download a PDF of the ACM Code booklet.