ACM in the News

"Tech’s Ethical ‘Dark Side’: Harvard, Stanford and Others Want to Address It"
New York Times, February 12, 2018
“It’s about finding or identifying issues that we know...the students who graduate from here are going to have to grapple with,” said ACM Presidential Award recipient Mehran Sahami, who is helping to develop a computer science ethics course at Stanford University.

"Browser extension helps the visually impaired interpret online images"
TechXplore, February 12, 2018
ATLAS and Microsoft researchers’ system, which merges benefits of a fully automated system with the quality of human-authored content, to be presented at CHI 2018.

" This age-detecting algorithm can make your smartphone child-proof"
Zoom4India, February 12, 2018
Algorithm that can figure out if a child is swiping the screen and block apps that parents want to keep off-limits was presented at HotMobile 2018.

"Crowd Workers, AI Make Conversational Agents Smarter"
Carnegie Mellon News, February 7, 2018
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) will present Evorus, a chatbot system that recruits crowd workers on demand from Amazon Mechanical Turk to answer questions from users, at CHI 2018.

"IIT-P team makes it to computer Olympics"
Times of India, February 3, 2018
Three students from IIT-Patna to compete in the ICPC World Finals.

"The 14 Biggest DC Tech Hires to Know about from January"
DCInno, January 31, 2018
Adam Eisgrau named as ACM’s global policy director.

"Nagpur to host the prestigious ACM India Annual Event 2018"
NewsDog, January 30, 2018
Flagship ACM India event February 15 to 17 will include ACM Turing Award winners and office bearers, researchers, and IT professionals from all over the world.

"This cool 3D-printing technology could change the colour of your phone case and jewellery"
International Business Times, January 29, 2018
Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to present new technology at CHI 2018.

"Deep Learning Pioneered for Real-Time Gravitational Wave Discovery"
Space Daily, January 29, 2018
Work by researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's National Center for Supercomputing Applications takes first place in ACM Student Research Competition at SC17.

"Researchers Propose Novel Solution to Better Secure Voice Over Internet Communication"
UAB News, January 26, 2018
University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers presented a closed-captioning crypto phone to better protect from eavesdropping and other man-in-the-middle attacks, at CCS 2017.

"Tulane University presents panel discussion on artificial intelligence"
Tulane University, January 26, 2018
Discussion will be the opening program of AIES 2018, the inaugural conference on Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Society sponsored by ACM and AAAI.

"Dealing With HPC Correctness: Challenges and Opportunities"
HPCwire, January 25, 2018
Addressing these challenges was the focus of the US Department of Energy-funded HPC Correctness Summit and a workshop at SC17.

"Artificial Intelligence needs to be ever-changing"
Telengana Today, January 24, 2018
ACM and IIT Hyderabad Host AI Conference.

"U of I Researcher Recognized with ACM Fellowship for Contributions to Parallel Programming"
HPC Wire, January 23, 2018
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign professor Laxmikant “Sanjay” Kale named a 2017 ACM Fellow.

"Connecting Computing Research with National Priorities"
CCC Blog, January 23, 2018
The US National Science Foundation's Jim Kurose (an ACM Fellow) talked about smart and connected communities and their benefits to their constituents, while citing the value of interdisciplinary research.

"ACM Recognizes Thomas Reps with Programming Languages Achievement Award", January 16, 2018
Thomas Reps receives ACM SIGPLAN award at POPL conference.

"Newly named leader of Computer Science Teachers Association says it's a crucial community"
Edscoop, January 11, 2018
Jake Baskin has devoted his entire adult life to computer science education.

"Ethics and Computing. Living Responsibly in a Computerized World. 2nd Edition"
Military Technologies, January 11, 2018
Book review mentions ACM/IEEE Software Engineering Code of Ethics.

"Two EA patents paint a worrying future for online matchmaking"
Kit Guru, January 9, 2018
ACM Digital Library mentioned in discussion of gaming patents.

"Calling Outstanding Young Researchers!"
AlphaGalileo, January 8, 2018
The application period for the 6th Heidelberg Laureate Forum will be coming to a close on February 9.

"Cybersecurity: Photos can be traced to individual smartphones"
Innovation Toronto, January 2018
“I think most people assumed you would need 50 images to identify a smartphone camera. But our research shows that’s not the case,” says ACM Distinguished Scientist Kui Ren.

"With the Summit Supercomputer, U.S. Could Retake Computing's Top Spot"
IEEE Spectrum, January 6, 2018
Sunway TaihuLight has a peak performance of 125 petaflops and helped Chinese researchers capture the 2016 ACM Gordon Bell Prize for their work modeling atmospheric dynamics.

"It's Time to Weave Computational Thinking into K-12"
THE Journal, January 2, 2018
A new study from the nonprofit Digital Promise stresses the need for computational thinking to be integrated across K-12 school curriculums, citing an ACM description of computational thinking as "the thought process behind programming."