ACM Statements

Across all professional societies, members are understandably concerned about global events and public policies. Our members frequently ask ACM to make statements on such matters. The following explains when ACM, which includes its SIGs, conferences, events, and all other subunits, may do so.

In general, ACM and its subunits should only make statements when the issues affect ACM’s core mission as a global organization dedicated to advancing computing research, practice, and education and are of importance to the computing community or society at large, and ACM has appropriate standing or expertise.

The ACM Executive Committee must vet and approve any statements issued by ACM or any of its subunits to ensure that they are consistent with this policy. As the one exception, technology policy issues are often addressed by ACM’s Technology Policy Council and its regional committees, which work to provide government decision-makers with non-partisan information on technology policy matters.