ACM Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Volunteer Resources

SIG members are strongly encouraged to volunteer on all levels of SIG activities. Volunteers who wish to serve may contact the Chair of the SIG in which they are interested.

SIG Officers' Manual

An excellent source of information outlining the governance and management of a SIG, common activities, programs, and organizational strategies.

SIG Conference Planning Guide

Volunteer commitment and coordination is the foundation that makes an ACM conference successful. ACM provides a comprehensive planning guide with instructions and best practices to help create the best possible event.

SIG Meeting Material and Archive

  • SGB/SGB-EC Meeting Minutes
  • SGB/SGB-EC Actions & Motions
  • Best Practices Sessions
  • Virtual Conference Experience Reports
  • SGB Meeting Presentations

ACM Policies

Bylaw 6: Special Interest Groups

This Bylaw defines the purposes of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), which can have other designations as approved by the ACM Council; the rules for forming and dissolving them; and the authority of the SIG Governing Board (SGB) and the ACM Executive Committee (ACM EC) in managing them.

ACM Conflict of Interest Policy

ACM’s success depends not only on the competence of its management and staff, but also upon its reputation for integrity, candor and lack of bias in the conduct of its affairs in the best scientific and professional tradition.

Policy Against Harassment at ACM Activities

The open exchange of ideas is central to the Association for Computing Machinery’s mission. This requires an environment that embraces diversity and provides a safe, welcoming environment for all.

ACM Privacy Policy

The Association for Computing Machinery is committed to protecting the privacy of its members and other individuals with whom it interacts.  

Travel Policy and Procedure for ACM Volunteers

The purpose of this policy is to provide travel policy guidelines to ACM volunteers.