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ACM Open Conference Statement

The open exchange of ideas and the freedom of thought and expression are central to the aims and goals of ACM and its conferences.  These aims and goals require an environment that recognizes the inherent worth of every person and group, that fosters dignity, understanding, and mutual respect, and that embraces diversity.
ACM is firmly committed to prohibiting discrimination at its conferences against individuals because of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status religion, national origin, ancestry, or disability.  All individuals are entitled to participate in any ACM activity free of discrimination, including harassment based on any of the above factors.

ACM is concerned about discriminatory legislation in various locations and will work with conference organizers to best address location related issues.

Resource Manual for SIG Conference Organizers

Volunteer commitment and coordination is the foundation that makes an ACM conference successful. ACM provides a comprehensive resource manual with instructions and best practices to help create the best possible event.

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SIGCOMM 2017, August 21 to 25, Los Angeles, California

Covering the applications, technologies, architectures, and protocols for computer communication, SIGCOMM will feature workshops on Mobile Edge Communications, Kernel-Bypass Networks, Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning for Data Communication Networks, QoE-based Analysis and Management of Data Communication Networks, and Networking and Programming Languages.

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KDD 2017, August 13 to 17, Halifax, Canada

The SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining brings together researchers and practitioners from data science, data mining, knowledge discovery, large-scale data analytics, and Big Data. The event includes roundtable sessions with experts, and keynotes by leaders from Microsoft Research/Harvard University, UC Berkeley, and University of Toronto.

ICFP 2017, September 3 to 9, Oxford, UK

The ACM SIGPLAN International Conference on Functional Programming provides a forum for researchers and developers to learn about the latest work on the design, implementations, principles, and uses of functional programming. Keynote talks will be delivered by North Carolina State University's Chris Martens, and Rich Hickey, author of Clojure, and designer of Datomic.

ESEC/FSE 2017, September 4 to 8, Paderborn, Germany

The joint meeting of the European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering is a forum for sharing the most recent innovations, trends, experiences, and challenges in software engineering. Keynote speakers include ACM member and Zuhlke Technology Group co-founder Wolfgang Emmerich; Roy T. Fielding, Senior Principal Scientist at Adobe; and ACM Fellow Richard N. Taylor.

Ubicomp 2017, September 11 to 15, Maui, Hawaii

The 2017 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing will cover many aspects of this field, including deep learning, virtual reality design, pervasive urban applications, mobile devices, anticipatory systems, swarm intelligence, hikers' tech;nology preferences, self-tracking personal information, blockchains, social networks, and mental health monitoring.

Tapia 2016, September 20 to 23, Atlanta, Georgia

The ACM Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing is a premier venue to acknowledge, promote and celebrate diversity. Keynote speakers include Edward Castillo, Research Scientist, Radiation Oncology Department, Beaumont Health Research Institute; James Mickens, Associate Professor of Computer Science, Harvard University; and Adrienne P. Felt, a member of Google's Chrome Metrics and Usable Security Team.

SPLASH 2017, October 22 to 27, Vancouver, Canada

The ACM SIGPLAN conference on Systems, Programming, Languages and Applications: Software for Humanity embraces all aspects of software construction and delivery to make it the premier conference at the intersection of programming, languages, and software engineering. University of California, Irvine's Crista Lopes; Kodowa co-founder and CEO Chris Granger; and UCSD's Lera Boroditsky are scheduled keynote speakers.

UIST 2017, October 22 to 25, Quebec City, Canada

The ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology is the premier forum for innovations in human-computer interfaces. Scheduled keynote speakers are Gabriella Coleman, Wolfe Chair in Scientific and Technological Literacy at McGill University; and Niki Kittur, Associate Professor and Cooper-Siegel Chair in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

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Conferences Best Paper Awards

Best Paper Awards are presented at many ACM conferences to authors whose work represents groundbreaking research in their respective areas. By recognizing these select papers for their ingenuity and importance, ACM highlights some of the theoretical and practical innovations that are likely to shape the future of computing.

Recent Best Papers

Nonlinear Feature Normalization in Steganalysis
By Mehdi Boroumand, Jessica Fridrich    
Proceedings of the 5th ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security (IH&MMSec '17)

The Square Root Law of Steganography: Bringing Theory Closer to Practice
By Andrew D. Ker
Proceedings of the 5th ACM Workshop on Information Hiding and Multimedia Security (IH&MMSec '17)

A Datalog Framework for Modeling Relationship-based Access Control Policies
By Edelmira Pasarella, Jorge Lobo
Proceedings of the 22nd ACM on Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (SACMAT '17)

More Best Papers

KDD CUP 2017 Winners

The 2017 KDD Cup on “Highway Tollgates Traffic Flow Prediction” has successfully reached its end. A total of 3,547 teams from around the world participated throughout the duration of the competition. After rigorous cross-checking of the submissions to ensure compliance with the participation rules, the winners of the two sub-competitions (Travel Time and Traffic Volume Prediction) have been determined. Congratulations to the winning teams!

Watch Restored Video from an Historic ACM Conference

With support from ACM, the Computer History Museum has digitally restored video footage from the 1986 ACM Conference on the History of Personal Workstations. Hosted at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, this historic conference assembled some of the most influential figures in computing, including multiple ACM Turing Award recipients and Fellows. 

Humans, Machines, and the Future of Work

This conference focused on issues created by the impact of information technology on labor markets over the next 25 years. The event, held at Rice University in Houston, Texas December 5 to 6, 2016, featured renowned speakers from academia, industry and leading think tanks. Watch videos of some of the presentations.

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