Publications HQ Staff Contacts

ACM Office of Publications Headquarters Staff

Scott Delman
Director of Publications

Bernard Rous
Director of Publications Emeritus

Steve Welch
Senior Editor, New Publications

Emily Eng
Administrative Assistant


Laura Lander
Journals Manager

Stacey Schick
Assistant Editor


Diane Crawford
Deputy Director/Magazine Development

Andrew Rosenbloom
Senior Editor

Lawrence Fisher
Senior Editor/News

Denise Doig
Senior Editor, ACM Magazines

Tom Lambert
Managing Editor

John Stanik
Managing Editor Group Publishing & DL Sales

David Roman
Web Editor

Jade Morris
Editorial Assistant


Craig Rodkin
Publications Operations Manager

Anna Lacson
Bibliographic Processing Coordinator

Rights and Permissions

Deborah Cotton

Digital Library and Advertising Sales

Josh Horowitz
Digital Library & Advertising Sales Director

Nolen Harris
Digital Library Account Manager

Faith Su
Digital Library Administrative & Customer Support

Juliet Chance
Administrative Assistant

Ilia Rodriguez
Advertising Sales Account Manager

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