ACM India Council

About the ACM India Council

The ACM India Council is an effort of ACM aimed at increasing the level and visibility of ACM activities across India. The ACM community in India is growing in membership, number of chapters, sponsored conferences and symposia.

The ACM India Council comprises a cross section of the computer science and information technology community committed to increasing the visibility and relevance of ACM in India. The council is focused on a wide range of ACM activities including:

  • serving as a professional network for individuals who are involved with the science and technology of computing
  • encouraging students to take an active interest in the emerging and exciting world of computing
  • facilitating the organization of high-quality ACM conferences in India
  • providing logistical support to grow more ACM professional and student chapters
  • enhancing access to the ACM Digital Library and publications for ACM members in India
  • increasing the participation of ACM members in India across all dimensions of ACM

Contact Information

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  • ACM India Council

      Madhavan Mukund
    Vice President
      Mukesh Mohania  
      Rashmi Mohan
      Gautam Shroff
      Supratik Chakraborty
      Maria  Josefa  Choudhary
      Hemangee  K.  Kapoor
      Sukumar  Nandi
      V. Krishna  Nandivada
      Venkatesh  Raman
      Abhiram  Gorakhanath  Ranade
      Sudeshna  Sarkar
    Past President
      Srinivas Padmanabhuni  
    ACM India COO
      Chandrashekhar Sahasrabudhe
    ACM-W India Chair
      Arati  Mehul Dixit