Announcing ACM India Chapters Technology Solution Contest

February 8, 2019

Dear ACM India members,

The ACM India Chapters Technology Solution Contest has been announced! If you belong to an ACM India chapter, student or professional, we encourage you to wear the chapter member hat and participate in this contest. The mail thread which went to the chapters is reproduced below.

Hemant Pande (Executive Director, ACM India), and
Manish Gupta (ACM India Council, CEO Videoken, and Infosys Foundation Chair Professor IIIT Bangalore)


Dear ACM India Chapter members:

We hope you have had an opportunity to think about your team's entry in this contest. As promised, here is the form to submit the abstract of your proposed solution.

The deadline for submission is 22 February 2019.

We look forward to an enthusiastic response.

ACM India Chapters Technology Solution Contest: A way to engage ACM India chapters into competitive and collaborative participation, and contribute to a social cause.

A technology solution with a social impact, which may address a challenge at neighbourhood level or on a wider, even national, scale. The solution must be technology based, rather than purely a process one.

List of possible areas including but not limited to: water, clean energy, healthcare, public transportation, sanitation, waste management, education, financial inclusion, pollution, safety/security (for women)...

Contest rules:

  1. Professional and student chapters can go it alone or can come together (from within a town/city) to form a team. A team can submit multiple solution ideas.
  2. The submission form will be made available by 8 February, with deadline to submit the proposal (one page abstract) by 22 February 2019. So start forming the team and identifying the challenge to address now.
  3. A panel of judges will vet the proposals submitted, and short-list the ones to move forward by 3 March.
  4. Intermediate milestone updates for the teams: 7 April and 19 May.
  5. Based on parameters such as progress demonstrated, feasibility, potential solution impact, and innovative approach, the panel will choose 5-7 finalists by 2 June.
  6. The finalists will send final report on their solution by 28 July.
  7. Each finalist to present their solution through a 15-minute demo/presentation in first half of August 2019. The exact date and venue for the contest finals will be communicated in due course of time.

Contest prize:
Winner: Rs65000/-
Runners-up: Rs35000/-

Note: Since this contest spans 6 months, we may revise the dates a little if need be. The judging panel's decisions will be final.