ACM India Chapters Technology Solution Contest: Deadline Extended to 27 February

February 22, 2019

Dear ACM India members,

Thanks for the enthusiastic response to the contest. We already have 48 submissions and counting. Along the way, we noticed a few issues:

  • While we sent the announcement to all registered chapter contact IDs, the mails have not reached all the chapter members. Please do circulate among them.
  • For above reason or otherwise, there have been requests for extension of deadline.
  • There were some queries about the team size. Since this is an offline contest, there is no limit on the number of participants in a team.
  • In some submissions, the names of the chapters forming the team were missed out. Some entries mentioned the technology area instead of the chapter name(s). It is important that you provide the formal chapter names which are constituting the team.

The deadline for submission is now revised to Wednesday 27 February. To be fair to those who already submitted their entries: if you want to make any changes or corrections, you may re-submit by prefixing the original title of the solution with "Version 2:". Please keep the contact information same as before.

Again, here is the form to submit the abstract of your proposed solution: