Register for ACM India Education Webinar on 12 January with Navin Kabra: "How to Better Prepare CS/IT Graduates for Industry"

January 6, 2021

The next session of the ACM India Webinar Series is on another important topic, which will help every faculty member realize where the emphasis should be while teaching the fundamentals of programming and data structures.

Register now for "How to Better Prepare CS/IT Graduates for Industry", to be presented on Tuesday 12 January 2021 at 6 pm IST by Navin Kabra, co-founder and CTO of

Registrations are limited, so please register early and secure your spot. Although this is a teacher-oriented initiative, educators, academicians and industry professionals are welcome to attend the webinar. Feel free to forward this communication to those who would be interested.

Note : You can also stream this webinar on your mobile device, including smartphone and tablet.

Abstract: Most companies find that engineering students (BE/BTech CS/IT) are surprisingly unprepared for campus tests and job interviews. This includes even students with good academic performance. In this talk, I will cover some of the most important areas where students commonly fall short, and suggestions for how courses and labs can be modified to improve this situation.

Specifically, companies expect students to be good at practical aspects of writing working programs, debugging, writing good SQL queries, using the right data structures in different situations, and other such issues. I will share data on different types of questions that are typically asked in campus tests and job interviews, the typical percentages of students who fail to answer these questions, and some thoughts about what could be done to improve each.

Duration : 60 minutes (including audience Q&A)

Navin Kabra is currently a co-founder and CTO at, a startup focused on helping companies filter job candidates based on evaluation of actual job-related skills. He is also one of the creators of, a portal for the tech community in Pune, India, and, one of the largest startup showcases in Pune. He is on the Advisory Board of Innoviti (a fintech company in the payments processing space), the Advisory Committee ofNIDHI-EIR-PEP and NIDHI-PRAYAS-PC (Government of India initiatives in the innovation/incubation space), and a technology consultant at FinIQ (specializing in derivatives and other structured products).

Navin has worked for large and small companies, in India and in the US; has seen a successful exit, and a dotcom failure; has done product development and research; written consumer and enterprise software, and has been a developer, an architect, and a manager (but hated it).

Navin has done PhD with David DeWitt in Computer Sciences from the University of Wisconsin in 1999, and a BTech in Computer Sciences from IIT Bombay before that. He is an inventor on 18 US patents, two European patents, and a Japanese patent. He is interested in a number of areas of computer science, including highly scalable systems, distributed and fault-tolerant software systems, text search, information retrieval, and analysis of unstructured information. His latest interest is the understanding of what drives online communities.

Chitra Babu, SSN College of Engineering, Chennai, Tamilnadu