Doing PhD in any area of computing? Need feedback/suggestions? ACM India kickstarts #PhDClinic

August 31, 2020

Hope you are safe in these difficult times. ACM India is starting this program to help PhD students across the country to get feedback and suggestions on their work from subject matter experts. We believe having this third eye, in addition to the advisor(s), will give a great advantage to your research work. Any PhD student (not restricted to ACM members) can sign up for the clinic.

Here are some slides on What Clinic Is (not), Why Clinic, Disclaimers, How It Will Work. If interested (any topic in computing), register to participate in the clinic. This expression of interest will help us in recruiting mentors for your area of work, if we don’t already have one.

If you are working in: #AffectiveComputing #Algorithms #Blockchain #ComputerVision #Cybersecurity #DataStructures #DistributedAlgorithms #FormalVerification #GameTheory #HealthCare #HumanComputerInteraction #InformationRetrieval #MathematicalLogic #SecurityTheory #SocialNetworks #TheoryofComputation - we already have fabulous mentors from CMI, IITs, IIITs, IMSC, JNU, and industry. You can book your slot here.

For any questions/clarifications, please write to

Look forward to seeing some of you in the clinic.

#PK (for Research Facilitation Committee)