Register for ACM India Student Webinar on 16 June with Abhiram Ranade: “Love CS, Learn CS!”

June 10, 2020

The next session of the special ACM India Student Webinar series is on another interesting topic, something fundamental as well as practical. Register now for "Love CS, Learn CS!", to be presented on Tuesday 16 June 2020 at 11 am IST by ACM India Council President Abhiram Ranade.

Registrations are limited, so please register early and secure your spot. Although this is a student-oriented initiative, all students, faculty and industry professionals are welcome to attend the webinar. Feel free to forward this communication to those who would be interested.

Note : You can also stream this webinar on your mobile device, including smartphone and tablet.

Abstract: What should the outcome of studying something be? Should it just add to your knowledge, or should it make you more capable, more confident, more understanding of how the world works, of how you can contribute in it? All these things should happen, as per the upcoming ACM/IEEE Computing Curricula Report 2020. Learning is not mere acquisition of knowledge, but also development of useful skills, and a change in disposition towards confidence, energy and perspective.

Confidence, energy, perspective cannot be obtained just by studying for examinations. They require you to fall in love with the subject. To fall in love with a subject you must seek out and understand the cool, elegant ideas in the subject and then work hard to master them. This will lead you to the wonderful things that the ideas can accomplish. It is hoped that the Indian student community aspires for such learning.

In this talk I describe the experience in designing an introductory programming course which will hopefully make students fall in love with programming. In addition to highlighting elegant ideas it also provides exercises and drills for building exciting programs. The course is available on NPTEL.

Duration : 60 minutes (including audience Q&A)

ACM India Council President Abhiram Ranade received a BTech degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 1981 and a doctorate in Computer Science from Yale University in 1989. He was an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley during 1988-95. Since 1995 he has served on the faculty of IIT Bombay, currently as a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. His research interests are in Algorithms and Combinatorial Optimization.

Shekhar Sahasrabudhe, Chief Operating Officer of ACM India Council