A Quick Feedback Survey of ACM India Initiatives

December 16, 2021

Dear friends,

You may be aware of the many initiatives from ACM India, but are you aware of them all, how well do you know them, or how closely are you engaged with them?

We would like to get quick, anonymous feedback from you about the initiatives. This should take about 5 minutes since we are requesting the input based on your current awareness only, without doing any "homework". It is important for us to know if the efforts are reaching you and whether they are beneficial. At the end of the survey, we would appreciate it if you could also provide free-form suggestions.

Please take the survey without further delay, at https://forms.gle/8Pu7eDagEGZ7MPgK7, by 25 December 2021 at the latest. Thanks in advance!


Hemant Pande
Executive Director, ACM India