COMPUTE 2021, 21 to 23 October: Call for Submissions, Deadline 25 June

June 7, 2021

COMPUTE is an annual Indian conference supported by ACM India and iSIGCSE. The focus of COMPUTE is to improve the quality of computing education in the country by providing a platform for academicians and researchers to interact and share best practices in teaching, learning, and education in general.

COMPUTE 2021 will be hosted by Delhi University (DU) from 21 to 23 October 2021 (Thursday - Saturday). In view of the prevailing pandemic, this conference will be held virtually. There will be no physical events (or limited physical events) at Delhi University (DU).

We invite extended abstracts of 3 to 6 pages in length from faculty and researchers in any theme pertaining to computing education, particularly in:

  • Pedagogical tools or methodologies to improve teaching/learning
  • Assessment tools or methodologies that are aligned with the learning outcomes

The abstracts could be on any one of, but not limited to, the following topics:

  • Proposal and evaluation of a teaching technique for specific topics
  • Experiments with some recently proposed teaching-learning technique and its impact on students, using data
  • Identifying topics that students generally find difficult, using actual data
  • Experience and analysis of interesting ideas for assignments and projects
  • Collection and dissemination of anonymized qualitative and quantitative classroom data (assignment submissions, artifacts, survey responses, etc.) along with its description for analytics
  • Experiments with assessment techniques
  • Interesting exam questions and how they assess students at higher levels of Bloom's taxonomy
  • Pedagogy related to use of problem based learning model and practices
  • Experiences in conducting flipped classrooms
  • Teaching-learning of disciplinary practices in computing such as - computational thinking, problem solving, analytical thinking etc.
  • Experiences with online teaching-learning including lectures, labs and assessments. This could include practices resulting due to COVID-19
  • Sharing experiences with analysis (including relevant data) of students being coached and participating in competitive programming contests
  • Analysis of students' self-learning, motivation and emotions while teaching-learning of computing topics
  • Analysis of experience related to diversity and inclusion in learning
  • Algorithms and tools that automate assessment and other aspects of teaching-learning
  • Experiences with algorithms and tools that automate assessment and other aspects of teaching-learning

All abstracts are to be submitted as a PDF through EasyChair conference management system. The review is NOT double blind, so the author names need not be omitted. You can use the templates (Word or LaTeX) provided by ACM to prepare your abstract.

A few sample abstracts from COMPUTE'20 are: Sample-1 , Sample-2, Sample-3, Sample-4, Sample-5. Deadline for submissions is 25 June.

The abstracts that are not in the scope of COMPUTE'21 theme will be desk rejected. The remaining submissions will be reviewed by 3 reviewers each and registration fees will be waived for these authors.

While COMPUTE doesn't publish formal proceedings, all accepted submissions will be recognized by iSIGCSE by uploading them on its website for other researchers to refer to. Please note that this does not prohibit authors from publishing their work at other venues. COMPUTE 2021 will provide active mentorship and facilitate collaborations to selected abstracts so that they can be polished and submitted for international conferences or journals.