Registration for Certificate Program for Faculty in Computer Science Education Now Open

November 30, 2021

Registration for the Certificate Program for Faculty in Computer Science Education (CSEDU) is now open for faculty teaching Computer Science subjects. Six Effective Teaching modules are being offered on: Intro to Python Programming, Data Structures, Databases, Operating Systems, Networks, and Machine Learning, starting January and February 2022. Visit for registration and information. Registration closes on December 23, and enrollment in each module is limited to 100. ACM India is providing partial reimbursement for fees to self-financing candidates.

Computer Science education needs to undergo significant changes to keep up with the rapid development of newer technologies and areas like machine learning. It has become a challenge for teachers in many engineering colleges, universities, and institutions to upgrade their knowledge and effectively teach different CS subjects using a contemporary syllabus. The Certificate Program in CS Education has been launched to help teachers in colleges and universities to improve their teaching.

The program has modules on "Effective Teaching of X," where X is an important CS subject. Over 30 top experts in the country (faculty from IITs, IIITs, etc.) are instructing these modules in an online mode over a semester. The aim of each module is to help teachers effectively teach subject X using All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE)’s syllabus by providing them with resources, knowledge, examples, assignments, projects, etc., and guidance on approaches to teaching.

Colleges and universities are urged to sponsor their teachers for this program, and reduce their class load so that they can put in the required effort (around 5 hours per week). Training teachers in all CS subjects can significantly improve the quality of CS education in colleges. AICTE has in-principle agreed to give FDP credits to faculty for these modules.

For any issues or challenges in registering, please email

Pankaj Jalote
Coordinator, CSEDU Program