Launching ACM India Minigraphs!

October 2, 2021

ACM India is pleased to announce the launch of Minigraphs: a new series of documents describing technical areas of current significance. Each Minigraph will comprehensively cover one area, with a detailed introduction followed by a discussion of the main challenges and ending with pointers to further information.

Minigraphs are intended for those with some knowledge of computing: senior undergraduates and postgraduates, and young professionals in industry. Minigraphs will provide authoritative information answering questions like: "What is this area about?", "What are its main achievements?" and "What remains to be done?" They will help readers to answer the question: "Should I think of starting work in this area?"

The first Minigraph, "Privacy of Personal Information: Going Incog in a Goldfish Bowl," is available free for downloading from the ACM India Minigraph homepage.

Come! Join the Minigraph community!

Hemant Pande
Executive Director, ACM India
(For ACM India Minigraphs Editorial Board)