Join Us for a Webinar on "HPC And AI - Two Sides of the Same Coin" Organized by TCS Research & ACM India

December 9, 2022

Join the Live Webinar "HPC and AI - Two Sides of the Same Coin"
December 15, 2022, 7 pm IST

AI has existed for decades, but it is only HPC power that makes AI useful in real-life situations. This success led to further improvements in AI algorithms for solving complex problems, such as designing chips and making systems faster. In other words, AI is possible because of HPC.

AI, in turn, has enabled faster systems and efficient hardware architectures. By automating EDA processes involved in chip design, AI motivates the HPC community to explore novel technologies beyond Moore's law to build efficient deep learning models. With HPC feeding AI, and AI feeding HPC, we get better computing systems and better AI models – but will this ever stop?

We start with a talk on “Accelerating AI for Science with Reconfigurable Architecture" by Dr. Raghu Prabhakar, Senior Principal Engineer, SambaNova Systems.

Next in the lineup we have a fireside chat on “AI and HPC: How Far Can They Take Us Together?” with Dr. Preeti Malakar, Assistant Professor, IIT Kanpur; Dr. Raghu Prabhakar, Senior Principal Engineer, SambaNova Systems; Dr. Yogesh Simmhan, Associate Professor, IISc Bangalore; Dr. Sparsh Mittal, Assistant Professor, IIT Roorkee; and moderator Dr. Rekha Singhal, Principal Scientist, TCS Research.

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