ACM India Bootcamp on Responsible Computing

ACM India, in partnership with Kotak-IISc AI Center, Indian Institute of Science (Bengaluru), is pleased to announce a Bootcamp on Responsible Computing on 13-16 April 2023.

The 4-day program is geared towards professionals and senior researchers to get a deep perspective of different aspects of Responsible Computing. Eminent subject matter experts of international repute will conduct the sessions and combine it with several hands-on exercises.

Those interested in attending this bootcamp can register and make the respective payments. Seats are limited so hurry up and reserve your spot. You do not need to be an ACM member to register for this bootcamp (but it would be nice!)

Title: ACM India Bootcamp on Responsible Computing

Date: Afternoon of Thursday 13 April 2023 to Forenoon of Sunday 16 April 2023

Venue: IISc campus, Bengaluru

Registration fees:

1. INR 10,000/- per person for professionals and academic faculty (

2. Free* for PhD students (

The registration covers the sessions, lunch and tea/coffee/snacks on all days.

Seats are limited and available one first come, first served basis. *Although the bootcamp is free for PhD students, there will be Rs 1,000/- booking fee to reserve a seat; the fee will be reimbursed after the bootcamp to those who attend.

About the Bootcamp on Responsible Computing

Data about almost every aspect of our life -- including our health, family, finance, work -- is digitized and processed. This implies that we, as computer engineers, scientists, and analysts, need to be vigilant about social/moral/legal implications of computing over such data. The challenges and concerns can be further exacerbated by the latest machine learning and data analysis techniques which pool in data from various sources and provide predictions about many critical use cases like loan disbursement, candidate application pruning etc.

The goal of this bootcamp is to holistically study this problem by first introducing the problem itself and studying various aspects of the problem such as privacy/security, public policy for responsible computing, human-computer interaction for ethical computing, and fairness in AI/ML techniques.

The bootcamp will bring together top researchers and faculty members working in the domain of responsible computing and provide a chance to interact closely with them to understand their viewpoints.

The hands-on instructions assume under-graduate level familiarity with standard computer science subjects including machine learning and artificial intelligence.

About the Speakers and Topics Covered by them:

Shweta Agarwal

IIT Madras

Privacy/Security Aspects of Responsible Computing

Hima Lakkaraju

Harvard University

Explainable AI

Hari Subramonyam

Stanford University

Human-Centered Ethical AI

Nandana Sengupta

IIT Delhi

Public Policy + AI

Abhijnan Chakraborty

IIT Delhi

Fairness in AI

Divy Thakkar


AI for Social Good

Prateek Jain


Pitfalls of Deep learning