ACM India Webinar Series on Education on Saturday 28 January at 11:00 am IST with Aamod Sane

January 19, 2023

ACM India Webinar Series on Education on Saturday 28th Jan at 11:00 am IST
with Aamod Sane

A New CS Curriculum for Smartphone Generation

The next session of the education webinar series for the college and university faculty members is on an interesting topic, which deals with the design of a computer science curriculum that will better cater to the students who belong to the smartphone generation.

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Abstract: Three years ago, the presenter was offered an unusual opportunity: to build a new CS department at FLAME University, Pune. Our students would be arriving in the 2020s and beyond. These students, unlike those in the earlier generations, have grown up with a computer. This computer is called a “smartphone”, a full-fledged computer that is so integrated with our daily lives that going without it is hardly conceivable. computer is called a "smartphone", a full-fledged computer so integrated with our daily lives that going without it is hardly conceivable.

The CS discipline itself has changed tremendously with vast amounts of compute power, including progress in AI, Sat Solvers, Proof Assistants and other developments that are making previously theoretical topics into engineering tools.

In this talk, we consider how our curriculum caters to changes both in the students and in the discipline. Most curricula, even those that regularly see updates, were originally designed in times when computers were boxes sitting on desks, the internet was not ubiquitous, and overall computing power was limited, and programming was a novelty.

The central assumptions of these old designs no longer hold. We present a design that addresses the new circumstances and possible futures.

Duration: 60 minutes (including audience Q&A)

Brief Bio of the Speaker:

Aamod Sane received his Ph.D. from University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. His early research was in the development of software tools and distributed computing. He transitioned to industry to lead development in a software tools startup. Subsequently he worked as the primary architect for e-commerce systems, and then as the architect of web search crawlers and indexers, followed by work on semantic web and social sites.

In creating various computing systems, he noticed that the most elegant solutions resulted from building a model of the underlying rules of the problem domain, much as scientists capture the key aspects of a problem in the form of mathematical models. This observation led him to the study of the history of science and the origins of mathematics, especially calculus in the 1600s. Based on this study, he developed courses in Mathematical Modeling and transitioned to academia. He then went on to build the CS department at FLAME, where he is working on developing these ideas into a modern, intellectually captivating CS program for students.


Prajish Prasad, FLAME University, Pune, Maharashtra, India.