ACM India Invites Summer School Proposals

The ACM India Summer School Committee is inviting proposals for organizing Summer School in the June/July 2023 timeframe. An academic coordinator on behalf of the prospective host institute should fill out the (fairly self-explanatory) template for proposal. Suggested topics are (absolutely not limited to) "Algorithms in Data Science," "Computational Biology," "Security/Privacy," "AI/ML," "Quantum Computing," etc. If a school proposal is for women students exclusively, that would be most welcome. Once your proposal is approved, ACM India will take care of most of the logistics such as making the announcement, seeking applications, registration fee payment, etc.

Please send your proposal to Prof. Venkatesh Kamat [email protected] by 17 April, 2023.

You may find details about the Summer School Program of ACM India via the Summer/Winter School website. This is a prestigious initiative running successfully for over five years, and here is your opportunity to participate in a leadership role by organizing one.


ACM India Summer School Committee