Anveshan Setu deadline, Registration Open #ROCSatIITM #ROCSatIITB. PhD Clinic Slots, Research Facilitation Grant, Travel Grant

Anveshan Setu: To provide CS/IT PhD students in India - an opportunity to get up close and personal with best research practices outside their parent institutes; a longer and more intense mentoring experience beyond ACM India PhD Clinic. We have 40+ fantastic mentors; 50 students will be awarded this fellowship. Deadline for submitting your application is 15 th Jan 2024. Eligibility, Expectations from Mentor & Mentee, Mentor list, along with FAQs can be found here. Have questions to Mentors on how to prepare the application, what to expect during the visit, etc. join the AMA session with Mentors scheduled on 9 th Jan 2024. Register for the AMA here.

Research Opportunities in Computer Science: Register for #ROCSatIITM here & #ROCSatIITB here. ROCS (pronounced as ROCKS) is an initiative to expose undergraduate students in (mainly aspiring) colleges / universities / institutes to exciting research happening in the country in various areas of computer science. The hope is to inspire at least a few of them to choose a career in research in industry or academics. More details about ROCS here . If you / your institute is interested in hosting ROCS, please see here.

PhD Clinic: The purpose of the PhD Clinic (more details) is to help PhD students across the country to get feedback and suggestions on their work from subject matter experts. We believe having this third eye, in addition to the advisor(s), will give a great advantage to your research work. Any PhD student (not restricted to ACM members) can sign up for the Clinic. We have 35+ fantastic mentors cutting across various topic of CS / IT. Request for a slot with a mentor here.

Research Facilitation Grant: Aims to empower researchers from varying backgrounds and institutions by providing financial support in key areas of academic publishing and learning: (1) Open Access Conferences and Journals: This initiative intends to cover the publication costs in leading open-access conferences and journals, facilitating a broader dissemination of scholarly research. (2) Invitation-only Research Seminars/Workshops/School: Qualified candidates can obtain financial support to attend exclusive invitation-only research seminars, workshops, summer schools, or instructional workshops. (3) Additional Page Costs: Recognizing that some research findings require a more detailed exposition, this grant will cover additional page costs for top-tier conferences (A/A* venues) and journals with a significant impact factor. This is not a travel grant. More details about the grant here. Application open throughout the year. Apply here.

ACM India – IARCS travel grants: From 2014, travel grants are jointly sponsored by ACM India & IARCS. To apply for a grant, you have to be affiliated as a student or a faculty member to an academic institution based in India. Grants are available to support travel to an academic conference outside the country. The support can be used to cover travel costs and conference registration fees. ACM India-IARCS funding can be used as partial support to cover items such as travel expenses, registration fees and accommodation that are not already covered by other sources of funding. Per diem expenses and other expenditure without bills and/or receipts cannot be claimed. More details here . You can apply for the grant here.

Note: You don’t have to be an ACM India member or have a chapter in your college / university to participate in any of the above activities.

For any questions/clarifications, please write to [email protected].

Thanks for spreading the word among interested participants / colleges / universities.

🎊 Have a fantastic 2024! 🎊

Prof. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru "PK", IIIT Hyderabad
(For Research Facilitation Committee, ACM India)