New ACM India Minigraph "From Clouds to Hybrid Clouds"

A new ACM India Minigraph is here!!

ACM India Minigraph Editorial Board is pleased to release the second edition of the Minigraph series. It has taken a year and half since the first one, but we are sure you will find it worth the wait!

The Minigraph 'From Clouds to Hybrid Clouds' is now available for free download from the ACM India Minigraph homepage.

As a recap, Minigraphs are documents describing technical areas of current significance, and are targeted at young practitioners in computing to provide sufficient information to help them make career choices. They can also be consumed by others such as graduating students embarking on a career. Each Minigraph follows a storyline-like narrative which would make it accessible to the interested but non-expert reader with computing background, and include a limited number of references to allow exploring the subject in further detail. A Minigraph would provide authoritative information answering questions like: 'What is this area about?', 'What are its main achievements?' and 'What remains to be done?', 'Should I think of making a career in this area?'

Your comments about the Minigraph are welcome. Please feel free to write to us at [email protected].


ACM India Minigraph Editorial Board