Indo European ACM Virtual Celebration of Women in Computing: A Decade Celebration

We are delighted to share the exciting news of an upcoming online joint virtual event between ACM-W India and ACM-W Europe.

Event Date: June 22, 2023 (Thursday)

Event Time: 13:00 pm CET / 16:30 pm IST

The event includes speeches and panel discussions to highlight what has been done by both ACM-W Europe and ACM-W India.

The joint event serves as a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, networking and celebrating the achievements of ACM-W India and ACM-W Europe, creating a valuable experience for participants from both regions.

This is a free virtual event but registration is compulsory. To register: Registration for the Indo European ACM Celebration of Women in Computing: A Decade Celebration (



16:30 to 16:35 (IST) 13:00 to 13:05 (CET )

Welcome remarks by Rukiye Altin, ACM-WE Chair


16:35 to 16:45 (IST) 13:05 to 13:15 (CET )

Inauguration remarks by Ruth Lennon, ACM-W Global Chair


16:45 to 16:5(IST) 13:15 to 13:25 (CET )

ACM W India Region - Address by Dr. Heena Timani


17:05 to 17:35 (IST) 13:35 to 14:05 (CET )

Panel 1: Experiences from Professional and Student chapters of ACM-WE and ACM-WI

Panel Chair: Rutvi Shah


Professional Chapter Members

India: : Gitanjalee Kale (Pune ACM W Professional Chapter, India)

Europe: Alicia Julia Wilson Takaoka (ACM-W Trondheim Chair / Norway)

Student Chapter Members

Europe: ACM-W Bilkent, Turkey: Elif Şen,

India: ABES Student Chapter: Shreya Sharma Shagun Kesharwani


17:35 to 18:05 (IST) 14:05 to 14:35 (CET )

Panel 2: Experiences from Past Chairs

Panel Chair: Dorota, ACM - W Europe Vice Chair


Arati Dixit: ACM-W India Past Chair

Reyyan Ayfer: ACM-W Europe Past Chair


18:05 to 18:10 (IST) 14:35 to 14:40 (CET)

Closing Remarks and Vote of Thanks byHeena Timani, ACM-WI Chair