ACM India Council Selects Prof. Sudip Misra for ACM India Outstanding Contribution to Computing Education (OCCE) 2023 Award

October 31, 2023

Prof. Sudip Misra of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur has been chosen as the recipient of ACM India Outstanding Contribution to Computing Education (OCCE) Award for 2023. A selection committee comprising eminent international personalities chose him for this edition of the OCCE award.

The ACM India OCCE Award recognizes individuals who have made fundamental, innovative and impactful contributions to computing education in India. The award carries a prize of ₹7 lakhs, sponsored by Microsoft Research India.

Sudip is being recognized “For impactful contributions to IoT and Networks education through online courses, textbooks, short-term courses, research and laboratory development.”

The citation paraphrases Sudip’s significant contributions and achievements in computing education which include:

Teaching and Courses: Sudip has been teaching at IIT Kharagpur for over 15 years as well as through MOOCs, benefiting students both nationally and internationally. Many of his courses include innovative projects to train students to develop indigenous and socially inclusive solutions. He has won multiple faculty awards at IIT Kharagpur and beyond. Sudip has been a role model for his 49 former and present Ph.D. students, 14 MS (by Research) students, over 35 MTech/BTech project students, and numerous visiting students / interns. Many of his former students have been contributing to computing from prestigious education institutions and industry organizations.

Research on IoT, Computing Education and Technology Enhanced Learning: Sudip is a Distinguished Member of ACM, Fellow of IEEE, AAIA, IET, and BCS among other professional organizations, and is well-known globally for his research on IoT and sensor networks. It has resulted in over 500 journal/magazine/conference papers, and 15 filed/granted patents. In addition to these research contributions, his works specifically on computing education and technology enhanced learning have resulted in not only 6 research papers, but also 2 virtual labs, 2 simulators for educational use, and 3 MOOCs. The 2 virtual labs—Advanced Network Technologies and Software Engineering—are developed to provide state-of-the-art training for performing experimentation over the Internet. These labs have enabled even the resource-constrained technical educational institutions to offer courses in these areas to an exceedingly large number of deprived students. The MOOCs courses, which are followed by students from around the globe, have attracted on several occasions, a massive attendance each semester of more than a total of 30,000 participants for the courses together. In this semester alone, for example, his NPTEL/SWAYAM courses on IoT and Industry 4.0 have enrollments of over 60,000 and 20,000, respectively.

Training Skilled Workforce and Impact in India: To address the dearth in specialized trainers and educators in his domain, Sudip has been training skilled workforce over the years. This is evident from the huge number of human resources directly trained by him, many of whom have taken up careers in IoT education/practice. He has been an integral part of various brainstorming panels for paving the IoT roadmap in India. For example, he has been Chairing the national initiative by CDAC/MeitY on “IoT Security Roadmap”. He has been successful in developing large number of skilled manpower through the execution of 24 projects by providing IoT and networked solutions for the agrarian, civilian, industrial, and military sectors.

Text/ Reference Books: Sudip has authored 7 text/reference books on IoT and allied topics of Networks, published by Cambridge University Press, Wiley, CRC Press, and Springer, and has edited multiple books in these areas. These books are used extensively not only in India, but also internationally.

Please join us in congratulating Prof. Sudip Misra.


The ACM India Awards Steering Committee