ACM Announces Software System and Service Awards

April 21, 2015

ACM has announced the recipients of the Software System, Distinguished Service, and Outstanding Contribution Awards.

Mach, a pioneering operating system used as the basis for later operating systems, has won the prestigious ACM Software System Award. The lead developers, Rick Rashid (Microsoft) and Avie Tevanian (Elevation Partners), created a system that advanced the state of operating systems and led to practical, widespread adoption. Mach-based operating systems are used by hundreds of millions of people 30 years after the project began.

Read the ACM news release.

Jeannette Wing of Microsoft Research will receive the ACM Distinguished Service Award for helping the computing community articulate the promise of computation to broad audiences. She has positioned the field to communicate the core concepts of computing in elegant and easily understood ways, and has championed its introduction in numerous national and international venues.

Professor Dame Wendy Hall of the University of Southampton, UK will receive the Outstanding Contribution to ACM Award for initiating the establishment of ACM Councils in Europe, India and China, and for focusing on the education of upcoming computer science generations, promoting gender diversity and nurturing talent in computing from all corners of the world.

Read the ACM news release.

ACM will present these and other awards at the ACM Awards Banquet on June 20 in San Francisco.