ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award Recognizes Young Researchers

May 11, 2016

Julian Shun has won ACM's 2015 Doctoral Dissertation Award for Shared-Memory Parallelism Can Be Simple, Fast, and Scalable, in which he proposes new techniques for writing scalable parallel programs that run efficiently both in theory and in practice. His three-pronged approach includes proposing tools and techniques for deterministic parallel programming; the introduction of Ligra, the first high-level shared-memory framework for parallel graph traversal algorithms; and presenting new algorithms for a variety of important problems on graphs and strings.

Shun is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of California, Berkeley. He earned his Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon University, which nominated him for this award. He will receive the Doctoral Dissertation Award and its $20,000 prize at the annual ACM Awards Banquet on June 11 in San Francisco.

Honorable Mention for the 2015 ACM Doctoral Dissertation Award goes to Aaron Sidford of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for Iterative Methods, Combinatorial Optimization, and Linear Programming Beyond the Universal Barrier, and Siavash Mirarab of the University of Texas at Austin for Novel Scalable Approaches for Multiple Sequence Alignment and Phylogenomic Reconstruction. They will share a $10,000 prize.