USACM Issues Statement on Preserving Personal Privacy

March 6, 2018

The ACM US Public Policy Council (USACM) has issued a statement outlining 10 principles and practices for building data privacy into modern technological systems. These include limiting and minimizing collection of personal data; the ability of individuals to control how their personal data are distributed and used; and ensuring quality and security of personal data. The principles are intended to provide a broad framework from which case-specific solutions can be developed.

“The Statement on the Importance of Preserving Personal Privacy was designed to remind people who develop and oversee these technologies that safeguarding personal privacy should always be at the forefront of their thinking,” explained Brian Dean, the Chair of USACM’s Privacy Committee. “These principles and calls to actions can’t address each specific instance when a privacy consideration arises. But we believe that following each recommendation, and keeping these guiding principles in mind, will create an environment where privacy is valued at every stage of technological development.”

Read the USACM Statement on the Importance of Preserving Personal Privacy.

Read the ACM news release.