Celebrating ACM's 2019 & 2020 Award Recipients: Software System Award

October 28, 2021

The surge of the COVID-19 delta variant, international travel restrictions and restrictions on indoor gatherings forced ACM to cancel its Awards Banquet planned for October 23, 2021.

We continue our series of emails containing videos highlighting the achievements of the 2019 and 2020 Award recipients that were prepared for the Banquet.

Click on the image below to view a short video about the 2019 and 2020 recipients of the ACM Software System Award.

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The Software System Award is presented to an institution or individuals recognized for developing a software system that has had a lasting influence, reflected in contributions to concepts, in commercial acceptance, or both. A prize of $35,000 accompanies the award with financial support provided by IBM.

2019 ACM Software System Award

The 2019 ACM Software System Award is presented to Paul Mockapetris of ThreatSTOP for development of the Domain Name System (DNS), which provides the worldwide, distributed directory service that is an essential component of the global internet.

2020 ACM Software System Award

For Berkeley DB, which was an early exemplar of the NoSQL movement and pioneered the "dual-license" approach to software licensing, the 2020 ACM Software System Award is presented to: Margo Seltzer of University of British Columbia, Mike Olson, formerly of Cloudera, and Keith Bostic of MongoDB.

ACM welcomes nominations for candidates whose work exemplifies the best and most influential contributions to our community, and society at large. More information on nominating candidates for future awards is available on the ACM Awards website here.