Mark Horowitz Receives ACM - IEEE CS Eckert-Mauchly Award

June 16, 2022

ACM and the IEEE Computer Society have named Mark Horowitz the recipient of the 2022 ACM - IEEE CS Eckert-Mauchly Award. Horowitz, a Professor at Stanford University, was recognized for contributions to microprocessor memory systems.

Horowitz was the first to identify the processor to dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) interface as a key bottleneck that required architecture and circuit optimization. He pioneered high-bandwidth DRAM interfaces. In addition, modern DRAM interfaces such as SDDR and LPDDR were strongly influenced by his techniques.

Horowitz will be formally presented with the award at the ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Computer Architecture (ISCA) being held June 18–22 in New York City.

The Eckert-Mauchly Award is known as the computer architecture community’s most prestigious award. It is co-sponsored by ACM and IEEE Computer Society and comes with a $5,000 prize.

Read the ACM news release.