ACM US Technology Policy Committee Issues Revised Statement on the Responsible Development of Remote Proctoring Software

January 12, 2023

In response to the rapid growth in online learning and testing fueled by the pandemic and economics of education, ACM's US Technology Policy Committee (USTPC) has released a Statement on Principles for the Development and Deployment of Equitable, Private, and Secure Remote Proctoring Systems. The statement provides a framework to guide those developing and deploying remote proctoring systems to ensure that these systems are private, secure, fair, and accessible for all users, among other important features. The new statement refines and expands upon as the COVID pandemic increased the use of, but not necessarily the adoption of, adequate policies and practices to govern such systems.

The USTPC authors note that, as remote proctoring technologies emerge as a pervasive component of online education, institutions and technology vendors at minimum must address major issues of equity, privacy, security, accessibility, and efficacy.

Read the ACM news release.



Image for remote proctoring statement