Apply to Join LEVEL UP Regional Workshops on Inclusion in Undergraduate Computing

July 6, 2023

Computing education continues to face challenges around inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessible learning, and we believe change is possible through a coordinated effort among engaged computing leaders and faculty.

The goal of the LEVEL UP project—a combined initiative of ACM, CRA and IEEE-CS—is to build consensus around a united vision of inclusive undergraduate computing education. Through collaboration with a respected advisory board of computing educators and professionals from across the country, LEVEL UP will chart a pathway that undergraduate computing programs can implement to offer inclusive computing courses and opportunities where all students feel welcome and thrive. This effort will culminate in the development of an evidence-based report of best practices that computing departments can implement nationwide. Your input is needed!

Are you interested in ACM's mission of supporting DEI in the computing community? If so, apply to join a LEVEL UP regional workshop and help build consensus on which evidence-based best practices for broadening participation in computing are most effective and should be implemented on a large scale.

Learn more and apply here.